Day 29, Tuesday, February 14, 2023

News from the Roundhouse is the visitations from our Washington delegation.  Senator Martin Heinrich, Representative Teresa Leger Fernandez, and Representative Gave Vasquez spoke to a  joint session of the Legislature yesterday.  Senator Heinrich stressed rural health care.  He wouldn’t commit to running for governor in 2026; Leger Fernandez talked about mental health and drug treatment while Gave Vasquez stressed his roots living in poverty in Mexico. 

An effort to increase the state’s minimum wage to $12.00 appears to have been stopped this session.  The argument that increasing the minimum wage is inflationary seems to have won the day.

The federal government has used New Mexico for the deposit of nuclear waste.  A $230 million project is slated by the federal government for a facility to be built between Carlsbad and Hobbs.  Democrats in Senate voted to halt the projects at least for now.

Please pray for wisdom for the Legislators.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

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