Day 28, Monday, February 13, 2023
Homosexual political organizations are well-funded and exacting in their demands on our government. HB 207 “Expansion of Human Rights Act” has passed its first committee in the New Mexico State Legislature. The sponsors of the Bill state laws protecting homosexuals as ruled by the court do not cover State, County, or local governments in discrimination against homosexuals.  HB 207 will close that gap for them. The problem is that if the government entity does not hire the man wearing a dress (because he identifies as woman,) that man can sue the government on the basis of discrimination.  Also, as pointed out by Rep. Martin Zamora R-Clovis, it makes it much more difficult to remove that same person for incompetence. Please pray for a deep understanding amongst our politicians that our nation’s Judeo-Christian past is the only thing that will insure our future as a country. New Mexico Watchman                                          
“And God saw that it was good.”   
Geniuses 1:10b

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