Day 59, Friday, March 17, 2023

The Governor signed HB 7 Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care legislation.  The bill, touted by the Governor, allows what she labeled “bodily autonomy” to women across the state.  The law makes null and void city and county measures that declared themselves abortion-free zones.

The law pitting malpractice lawyers against doctors has reached a compromise.  HB 523 will cap damages for independent outpatient clinics at $1 million.  Prior to the compromise all medical facilities faced an annual increased payout to $6 million in 2027.  Unamended the law would make insurance unaffordable, resulting in the closures of these medical facilities.

Lastly, three Bible studies took place during the legislative session and Christians prayer-walked the hall of the Capital.  Prayers were lifted up to God before committee meetings and after.  And the prayers of the saints uttered by us on this call were heard by God and his divine influence ultimately reigns.

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