Day 58, Thursday, March 16, 2023

With 2 1/2 days remaining in the session, priorities are being sorted out as the session experiences its final push.

Despite strong objections and countless amendments by Republicans, the appropriations bill with $10 million for an abortion clinic is on its way to the Governor for signature.

SB 13, a companion bill to HB 7, has passed the Senate and has passed its first House committee.  The controversial bill that includes curtailing digital communication between public employees and families received a “do pass” vote along party lines.

Tax rebates continue to progress with $500 for individual filers and $1,000 for couples being considered.

Increasing taxes on served drinks by 5 cents per drink is being considered as a means of addressing the state alcohol problem.  Increasing the price of a drink reduces consumption according to proponents.

Please pray that the values that guide the remainder of the session promote life and well-being in the state.

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