Day 57, Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The deadline for introducing legislation was February 16.  However, before that date there are entered what’s called “dummy bills” that have obfuscated names and are given a number. 
SB 523 was introduced to the Senate Tax, Business and Transportation Committee yesterday.  The bill moves up the cap on medical liability payouts from $750,000 to$1 million.  Physician held a noisy demonstration the Senate chambers last week only to be chastised severely and threatened with expulsion by the Sargent-at-Arms.  SB 523 will not become law this late in the session, but the Senate is sending a message that they’ve heard the doctor’s complaint and are planning to move on it in a later session.

Efforts to remove the $10 million abortion clinic funding from the state budget have come as amendments proposed by both Republican Representatives and Senators.  The need for government intervention in such facility is questionable and it is felt by Republicans to be the responsibility of the private sector.  Each amendment proposed has been defeated.

A bill allowing legal name changes without public notice has passed the Senate.  The sponsor of the bill stated that he is proud to bring forward the bill on behalf of the LGBQ community and those who are victims of domestic violence.

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