Day 30, Wednesday, February 15, 2023

HB 7 REPRODUCTIVE & GENDER-AFFIRMING HEALTH CARE is scheduled for debate by the full House.

Memorials and resolutions are ways in which the Legislature acknowledges and commemorates organizations, individuals, cities etc.  Yesterday, Tuesday, was Hispanic Day at the Capitol.  The legislators, who mostly use the time to read bills and caught up on emails, were treated to music and stories and heard speeches from Hispanic leaders.  HB 7 was not debated. 

HB 134 MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS IN SCHOOL BATHROOMS has passed its first committee in the House.  The bill’s intent is to help female students in the name of Equity.  For some curious reason, the bill required the placement of feminine hygiene products in boys’ bathrooms as well.  The cost to the state is estimated at $1 million.

The HB 80 TERMINATION OF STATES OF EMERGENCY is scheduled for the House Judiciary Committee today.  The bill required the Governor to call a special session of the Legislature after 45 days of shutting down the state.  The question remains; if the bill passes will the Governor sign it into law.

Please pray for wisdom for House members as they examine HB 7, a bill that will silence public employees in matters of abortion and gender.

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