Legislative UPDATE, Monday, January 30 2023

Two pro-life rallies were held at the Roundhouse last week.  On Wednesday, mass at the Cathedral was filled with pro-life supporters who then gathered outside the Roundhouse. On Wednesday a group of pro-life organizations organized a rally inside the Rotunda of the Capitol.  Heads of these organizations spoke along with pastors, politicians, and the head of New Mexico‚Äôs Knights of Columbus.  

Both events were well attended but received no follow-up publicity.  A small photo appeared in the Albuquerque Journal today in reference to one of many rallies at the Roundhouse.  The Albuquerque Journal pointed out, rallies, the number of people attending and persistence count in influencing legislation.  Unfortunately, publicity is also part of the mix.  If you want to get something done in New Mexico politics, you must persist, elect like-minded legislators and constantly be in touch with the legislative body.  Also, part of the mix, unfortunately, is hiring a lobbyist.

Also noted around the Roundhouse was the resignation of Dr. David Scrase, the head of Human Services.  The resignation of a cabinet member might not be that noteworthy but it comes on the heels of two other cabinet members who resigned within a weeks.  The Public Education Secretary and the head of General Services also resigned last week.  Also gone from the administration are the Secretaries for Finance and the Secretary for Indian Affairs. 

The loss of five cabinet members is certainly not about money.  Governor Lujan Grisham is noted for bloating salaries.  Salaries for the newly formed PRC for example went from $97,000 a year salary to $197,000 a year.

Please pray for the pro-life movement and the legislators who have taken such a strong stance namely Rep. Rod Montoya from Farmington who helped organize the Rally and Sen. Bill Sharer also from Farmington, a stalwart for the cause for many years.

Also, please pray for the Governor as she reforms her Cabinet.  

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