New Mexico Legislature UPDATE: Day 11, Friday, January 27, 2023

Getting bills passes in the legislature is somewhat like a beauty contest; whose getting the attention, who are the sponsors, which are the standouts.  A Governor supported bill gets moved to the top of most agendas.  If it’s “coming from the fourth floor” which is jargon for the governor’s office, the bill will get that special attention.

This year the Governor at a national meeting proposed a universal school lunch program for all New Mexico students, K through 12.  As a dramatic beauty contest like jester, the members of the Senate Finance committee members were served a, quote, “typical” school lunch, “just to know what they were talking about.”  A Farmington nutritionist testified in committee that 1 in 5 New Mexico students experience “food insecurity.”  On the other hand, American’s a facing an obesity rate of about one-third.  

The price tag on the bill is $30 million per year to feed approximately 69,000 students.  Private and tribal schools would not be included but in the program but would be encouraged to make meals available to their students as well.

Other bills that are being considered are penalties for cattle rustling – yes, the prevention of livestock theft; the development of geothermal energy, tapping into New Mexico’s hot springs as a form of natural energy; and a $250 million “Water Trust Fund” to upgrade New Mexico water infrastructure.

Please pray for our legislators as they being the laborious task of moving bills forward; that those bills worthy of consideration for the good of New Mexicans will be the bills that received consideration and passage.

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