Day 43, Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The Rotunda of the State Capitol is a very busy place during the legislative session.  Various groups, everything from environmentalists to child advocates occupy the space for rallies.  Rarely does the Governor make an appearance.  Yesterday, however, the anti-gun lobby bussed in school children to hear the Governor insist that anti-gun legislation be passed.   Bills that are being considered are a 14-day wait period before the purchase of a gun, a ban .50 caliber assault weapons, penalties for child accessibility as the result of improper storage, and a ban on automatic assault weapons.

Given New Mexico‚Äôs drug and mental health crisis, a number of bills have been introduced such as $20 million for drug treatment for the homeless and $10 million for mental health staffing.  Little progress has been made and the effort appears piecemeal. 

Please pray that the power and the monies available to our legislators would result in the betterment of our state rather than the just loss of freedoms.

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