Day 42 Tuesday, February 28

Pro-lifers are not the only ones coming to the capitol only to find their bill not heard.  A group of 27 medical doctors came from around the state only to be found sitting in the gallery in their white lab coats.  At issue is SB 298, a bill that would cap liability pay outs at $750,000.

A bill that would require government intervention for children born drug addicted passed the Senate on a unanimous vote.  SB 150 requires CYFD to assess the family.  A bill three years ago requiring medical care for a child born alive to sustain life in an abortion procedure failed.

SB 180, the election reform bill, passed the Senate along party lines.  An amendment requiring voter ID was quickly table.  SB 180 allows felons to vote and creates a permanent absentee ballot list among other “reforms.”  Last year’s bill was up for a final vote late in the session and was filibustered by a two-hour speech by Senator Bill Sharer.  It did not receive a final vote.

Please pray for honest and fair elections.

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