Day 56, Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The bill that would have created new taxes and a new state bureaucracy to afford up to 12 weeks of paid sick and maternity leave has died.   Small businesses, already struggling in a post-COVID environment, were the group especially concerned with SB 11

The Voting Rights Bill that allows felons to vote, registers anyone doing business with DMV, creates a state holiday on election day and a permanent absentee ballot list is ready for the Governor’s signature.  The bill was not passed last year as the result of a prolonged filibuster at the end of the session.

When HB 7 REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH PROVIDER PROTECTIONS was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee, a second amendment to the bill was described by two of the 5 lawyers on the committee as unreadable.  The bill as amended has received “concurrence” from the House and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.  The Senate’s companion will SB 13 includes even more stringent regulations to include disallowing digital communication about a child’s choices regarding abortion and sexual identity issues has passed the Senate and awaiting a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee.

With four days remaining in the session, please pray that for the remainder of the session, legislators place their procedures in God’s hands.

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