Day 50, Tuesday, March 8, 2023

The primary task of the legislature is to create and pass a budget.  The question currently is how much of the billions of dollars should be returned to New Mexico taxpayers.  Currently under consideration is $300 for individuals and $600 for couples.  The Governor is seeking double that amount.  Her proposal would cost $1 billion dollars, the legislature‚Äôs proposal is half that.

Also included in the budget package is a $60,000 raise for the Governor.

Making bestiality a crime has become a priority for lawmakers.  A law outlawing having sex with animals is very much needed according to our legislators.  New Mexico is the only state that does not outlaw bestiality.

The voting rights access bill, SB 4, is headed for a full Senate vote.  The bill automatically registers felons upon their release from prison, registers anyone doing business with DMV, creates a permanent absentee ballot list, and makes election day a state holiday.

Please pray for just and righteous voting laws in the state and a fiscally responsible budget.

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