Day 24, Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Democrat Party has a vice grip on the New Mexico State Legislature.  The Governor’s progressive agenda continues unabated.

HB 7 the Reproductive, Gender Affirming Health Care Freedom Act passed the House Judiciary Committee on a party-line 7–4 vote.  The bill is described as a Health Bill but it disallows teachers or anyone in government from counseling kids against abortion, castration, mastectomy, or puberty blockers.  If teachers or anyone else are caught counseling against these procedures, they will be fined $5,000.

Also considered is House Bill 4 A Voter Registration bill that requires voter registration when you go to the Motor Vehicle Division, it would create a permanent absentee ballot list, felons would receive voting rights upon release from prison, and it would make Election Day a state holiday.  Also under consideration is allowing 16 year olds to vote.

Please pray for the Democrat Party, that individuals would vote their conscience rather than party dictates.

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