UPDATE Wednesday, February 9, 2022

1.  With 117 murders in Albuquerque last year, Legislators came to Santa Fe with a “Tough on Crime” mentality.  Ironically the bill that passed the Senate yesterday takes the state in the opposite direction. Senate Bill 43, called the “Second Chance” bill passed the Senate along a party-line vote.

The bill replaces a life sentence for youthful offenders with parole eligibility after 15 years with a follow-up parole opportunity at 5 years or sooner. Republicans offer a number of amendments including the killing of a police officer. The Democrat-controlled Senate would not accept any amendments and sent the bill to the House.

2.  The Hydrogen Hub Bill is the bill that never dies. A third “baby hydrogen bill” has been introduced by the same sponsor, Patty Lundstrom from Gallup.

3. Senate Bill 67, the EXPAND SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CLINICS, received a “Due Pass” from the Senate Health and Public Affairs committee last week and is the Senate Finance Committee. As of this morning, it has not been scheduled for a hearing. The bill would
allow for medical service to minors including pre-natal and abortive services without requiring parental consent.

4.  Senate Bill 132, the bill that would lower Pay Day loan interest rates from 175% to 36%
will be heard today in the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee.

To watch the proceeding go the New Mexico State Legislature website, (nmlegis.gov) click on WEBCAST in the upper taskbar, and search for the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee. Committee
Generally, committee meetings are before or a half-hour after the floor session ends.
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2022 Legislative Session Daily Prayer Call & UPDATE Tuesday, February 8, 2022

2022 Legislative Session
Daily Prayer Call &
UPDATE Tuesday, February

Purpose: Daily Prayer for New Mexico State Legislature 2022
Time: 9:00 a.m. each day the Legislature is in Session

                  Access: Conference Call Number: (425) 436-6360
                                          Access Code: 562862
UPDATE Tuesday, February 8, 2022 

1.  High-interest rates are called “usury” in the Bible and are prohibited by Rubrical law. According to a recent legislative statistic, New Mexico has 390,000 people paying usury interest rate of 175%. The Pay Day Loan industry is alive and well in New Mexico and lobbyists for the industry have been successful at keeping the legislature from dropping that rate. HB132 would cap the rate at 36%. Yesterday Governor Lujan Grisham cubically backed the bill. An amendment to the bill allows Pay Day loan companies to add an “application fee” to loans over $500. With 10 days remaining in the 2022 Regular Session, it will be interesting to see if the lobbyist maintain their hold or if the interest rates will be dropped through this legislation.

2.  The 2022 session has proven to be one of political manipulations. The Hydrogen Hub Bill was revived by calling it something different. Now, in a surprising move and without explanation, House Speaker Brian Egolf table the Hydrogen Hub bill. With this move, it is not expected to pass this session. One of the groups in opposition has been a Native American group from Gallup. Their rally at the Capitol drew about 24 people. An earlier environmental group rally drew about 200 people.

3.  The effort to eliminate the Income Tax on Social Security has made slow progress. Giving up the tax would cost the state $118 million. Legislators are always hesitant to sacrifice revenue even as they have advantages for the elderly and disabled New Mexicans, not to mention attracting seniors to retire in New Mexico.

4.  Lastly, the Pre-Trial Detention Bill, SB 189, has been tabled.
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Today’s reading were from the Book and Amos and Hebrews. Please continue in prayer for our New Mexico State Legislature.

Health Clinics in Schools: Undermining Parental Rights

The New Mexico State Legislature is considering SB 67 Health Clinics in Schools.

The legislation will make available $2 Million for Health Clinics in schools that would provide contraceptive and abortion services to school children without parental consent
The bill is seen as undermining parental rights. The bill will be heard by the Finance Committee.  Members of the Finance Committee and their phone numbers are as follows:

New Mexico Senate Finance Committee Members
Senator George Munoz, (505) 986-4371
Senator Nancy Rodriguez, (505) 986-4264
Senator William Sharer, (505) 986-4381
Senator William Burt, (505) 986-4366
Senator Pete Campos,  (505) 986-4311
Senator Crystal Diamond, (505) 986-4703
Senator Bobby Gonzales, (505) 986-4362
Senator Siah Correa Hemphill, (505) 986-4863
Senator Michael Padilla, (505) 986-4267
Senator Jeff Steinborn, (505) 986-4862
Senator Pat Woods, (505) 986-4393

Please call or email members of the Finance Committee (hovering over the name reveals the email address) and encourage them to vote “NO” on SB 67, Health Clinics in Schools.

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