Health Clinics in Schools: Undermining Parental Rights

The New Mexico State Legislature is considering SB 67 Health Clinics in Schools.

The legislation will make available $2 Million for Health Clinics in schools that would provide contraceptive and abortion services to school children without parental consent
The bill is seen as undermining parental rights. The bill will be heard by the Finance Committee.  Members of the Finance Committee and their phone numbers are as follows:

New Mexico Senate Finance Committee Members
Senator George Munoz, (505) 986-4371
Senator Nancy Rodriguez, (505) 986-4264
Senator William Sharer, (505) 986-4381
Senator William Burt, (505) 986-4366
Senator Pete Campos,  (505) 986-4311
Senator Crystal Diamond, (505) 986-4703
Senator Bobby Gonzales, (505) 986-4362
Senator Siah Correa Hemphill, (505) 986-4863
Senator Michael Padilla, (505) 986-4267
Senator Jeff Steinborn, (505) 986-4862
Senator Pat Woods, (505) 986-4393

Please call or email members of the Finance Committee (hovering over the name reveals the email address) and encourage them to vote “NO” on SB 67, Health Clinics in Schools.

New Mexico Watchman

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