Seven Keys for Staying Healthy: Lifestyle Basics

Besides hand washing and social isolation, it is lifestyle that determines who stays healthy.  All those things your mother told you, basic lifestyle choices, are what really matter.  Here’s the list.

  1.  Diet:  Green vegetables, protein and plenty of water, no sugar and remember pre and pro biotics lessen the need for antibiotics.
  2. Exercise:  A sedentary lifestyle is a deadly lifestyle.  Take a walk.
  3. Little or no alcohol.
  4. No Tobacco, No drugs.
  5. Plenty of Sleep:  Seven to as much as nine hours a night.
  6. Maintain a normal weight:  Obesity kills!
  7. Don’t Worry, Be Happy:  A smile a day keeps endorphins in play.

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?
1 Corinthians 3:16

Senator Bill Sharer Under Attack Again

A Santa Fe New Mexican columnist published an article entitled “A new choice for worst state legislator” on March 16th.  The subject of Mr. Milan Simonich’s criticism was our own Senator Bill Sharer, R-Farmington.

The following is our response:

To call Senator Bill Sharer New Mexico’s worst state legislator is to defame a champion of New Mexico politics, a man who has given the state 23 years of consistent dedicated service.  If you randomly ask anyone if they sense the nation has over-reacted to the coronavirus, inevitably you’ll get the answer “yes.”  Senator Sharer’s only mistake was saying it out loud.  The good Senator has often stood in opposition to knee-jerk policies and legislation in the State Senate.

For example, destroying the major employment opportunity for New Mexico’s Native Americans in the four-corners region is unconscionable, especially when the technology to save those jobs is available.  When conservative New Mexicans want to know what’s really going on, politics aside, it has always Senator Bill Sharer whose voice we can trust.  Senator Sharer, as one of the longest serving Senators, is also one of the most cherished.

The New Mexico Watchman

Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.
Romans 13:1

Video: Legalizing Marijuana Bill Heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee 2-12-20

Dear Friends, A bill that would have legalized marijuana in New Mexico was heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee February 12, 2020.  
The bill was tabled because the Committee found the legislation to be poorly written, not because of any opposition to the legalization of marijuana.  
The bill failed despite the efforts of the Governor, who convened a task force to craft an acceptable bill.  The task force commissioned a phony online survey to support the legislation.  

New Mexico Watchman

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”
1 Peter 5:8

The Democrats 2020 New Mexico Session: New Money, A Lot of New Spending

The New Mexico State Legislature concluded the 2020 thirty-day Legislative Session last week to much congratulatory fanfare.  Democrats, who control both the House and Senate as well as the Governorship, managed to run through $1 billion in unrestrained spending this session.  The feeding frenzy included $536 million of new money from New Mexico’s oil and gas fields.  Every legislator knows how unpredictable and unstable oil and gas revenues are, but they spent it anyway.

The Democrat party’s solution to every problem is to throw money at it.  Child poverty is epidemic in New Mexico.  Child poverty comes from broken families, absent fathers and single parent households.  In New Mexico 42% of children are living in single parent households. 
The Democrat party’s solution is to take the child out of the home and to send in a social worker.  The Early Childhood Education program gives us more government spending and more government employees.  New Mexico taxpayers will pay $320 million in spending increases for this new program alone.

Free college tuition paid for by the government will be funded at $17 million, half of what Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham sought.  If you are saddled with student loans and have to leave the state to pay it off or if you want to be a plumber or an electrician, you’re out of luck.  Capital outlays, already at record levels, were increased by another $137 million.  Politicians like capital outlay because, who knows, your name may appear on the building.

On the other hand, no money could found to assist New Mexico citizens.  Speaker of the House Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) hinted to the press that a reduction in the excise tax might be forthcoming.  No such legislation was even submitted.  Three bills that would have greatly assisted New Mexico’s seniors faced immediate death.  Each bill submitted to stop taxing Social Security Income died in the first committee.  Any bill with “tax exemption” or “tax credit” in the title failed to move forward.

Overspending on shaky income was the order of the day for the 2020 New Mexico State Legislative session.

Debt and liberty were the issues of the 2020 session.  Debt increased and personal liberties were defeated.

Legislative Wrap Up: Seven Key Observations of New Mexico’s 2020 Legislative Session

1. No Abortion Legislation

No Abortion Legislation was introduced this session.  The Governor simply did not have the votes.  The rumor was abortion would be added to an existing bill.  The Sanctity of Life and Unity Day was very well attended.  A second very successful event was held on Valentine’s Day.

2. They Didn’t Want to Hear from Us

A bizarre scene was played out in Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino’s Consumer and Public Affairs Committee.  The Red Flag Law and the Marijuana bill were heard.  The hearing was held in the Senate Chambers.  Senator Ortiz y Pino insisted on a gun-free zone.  Everyone entering the Chamber had to be “wanded” for weapons.  Once inside the Chamber committee members were seated on the Chamber dais.  The public, seated in the balcony, yards away and above the Chamber.  A microphone was placed at the farthest point at the back of the balcony.  The person speaking could not be seen by most people seated in the balcony as the microphone was behind the seating area.  A sign-up sheet had been placed at the Chamber entrance.  No one was monitoring the sign-up.  Public comment was limited to one half hour for each side.  A random number of individuals signed up to speak, including a high school student with face-paint who said her generation needed to be instructed on the use of marijuana.

The Marijuana Bill was heard late in the evening following seven other bills.  People waited as much as seven hours to testify.  With only a half-hour per side, citizens were able to state little more than that they were for or against the bill.

3. Procedures Were Not Followed

Standard procedure is to assign each bill to two relevant committees followed by a floor vote in each Chamber.  President of the House Chamber, Brian Egolf D-Santa Fe, upon receiving the Marijuana bill, assigned the legislation to only one committee.  Fortunately, Senator Joseph Cervantes, who is in favor of the legalization of marijuana, brutalized the bill for failing to meet legal standards and for requiring unionized workers in the industry.

4. Marijuana Is Not a Problem for Legislators – All They Want Is a Decent Bill

Millions of dollars are to be made if marijuana is to be legalized in New Mexico.  Overnight we will go from chili to growing marijuana.  Big tobacco and big alcohol are behind the push to legalize marijuana.   The social costs far outweigh the financial gains.  In Colorado, every dollar gained results in four and a half dollars spent mitigating the consequences.  Despite evidence of a pending disaster, legislators are looking for a bill they can make into law.  God help us when they do.

5. Despite Overwhelming Objection, the Red Flag Law Passed

The Extreme Risk Protection Order law requires police officers to assess any assertion that a person is a danger to themselves or others.  A court-ordered confiscation of guns takes place immediately, followed by a year of retaining the personal property.  Thirty of New Mexico’s thirty-three Sheriffs stand in opposition to the law and have stated they will not enforce Red Flag laws.  The law is an obvious violation of the Second Amendment and other rights.  The Legislature passed it anyway.  Stay tuned for the litigation.

6. Filming and Photos Were Disallowed, Then Allowed

Governor Susana Martinez reportedly sent camera crews into Committee Chambers to produce embarrassing or awkward moments for campaign purposes.  In response, Committee Chairs were given the authority to allow or disallow filming.  A hapless young reporter brought a film crew into a session without permission.  The disturbance caused a change in the rules.  Now filming and photos are once again allowed.

7. Flush with Cash from Oil and Gas, Money Could Not be Found to Reduce Taxes

Instead, Big Government expansion was the only agenda item this session.

Bonus Observation:  Following a rant by a Native American, Pastors are no longer invited to given an opening prayer.  Instead, the Members themselves are praying the invocation.

Valentine’s Day Pro-Life Rally

The Pro-Life community came together yesterday, Valentine’s Day, February 14, at the Roundhouse.  We heard from legislators who promised to defend against the abortion mill that is New Mexico.  We were urged to pray and to keep in touch with our legislators on the issue.  The rally was held in part to rumors that abortion might be added to the agenda late in the session or added to existing bills.  

On Thursday a “Women’s Rally” was held.  The attendees wore “Abortion is Health Care” tee-shirts. The Albuquerque Journal headline today reads “Activists keep abortion statue in public eye.”

Pro-Life legislators who spoke were Senator Bill Sharer, Rep. David Gonzales, Rep Patricia Dow, and others.  

The Rally displayed a banner that read “Look what God has made”  Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”  Jeremiah 15.


  February 11, 2020

Dear Friends, 
Red Flag Bill to be Heard Today, Tuesday, February 11, 2020. The Red Flag Law, in a manipulative effort for quick passage, has been assigned to the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee.  The bill has been assigned to only one committee, contrary to the usual legislative procedures of two committee before being sent to the floor.  Consumer and Public Affairs will meet in the House Cambers following the close of today’s floor session.  

To view Rep. Rob Montoya’s explanation of the manipulation see:

Please pray God bless New Mexico from all nefarious efforts.  

New Mexico Watchman

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.  But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.”
Psalms 1:1-2