Dear Friends,

Governor Michele Lujan Grisham has called for a Special Session of the New Mexico State Legislature to pass legalization legalizing the production and sale of cannabis.  She has called the special session mid-Holy Week.  Legislators may feel pressured to passing legislation so they can return to their families for Easter celebrations the following Sunday.   The only information shared by this administration has been the financial incentive of increased employment and tax revenue.  There has been no discussion of the real profiteers of Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol.  Nor has there been a legitimate discussion of the social cost of policing, disruption of the social fabric – broken homes and depletion of the employment pool due to inevitable intoxication, an agricultural shift away from traditional crops, and an increased attraction of the homeless population as has occurred in other states.   New Mexico will be forever changed as the result of:

  • Water consumption for chilie crops and other crops diverted to marijuana production
  • A substantial increase in substance abuse of both soft and hard drugs
  • Traffic accidents and death increases as the result of slower response times
  • Domestic violence will be sustained at Covid 19 levels.
  • Marketing to teens via consumables such as crewables and beverages
  • Overdose hospitalization and deaths
  • A concentrations of pot shops in especially border towns

An intoxicated nation has never been able to maintain itself.  In the midst of Holy Week and the Covid pandemic, our New Mexico leadership is engaged in an act of betrayal.   God bless our New Mexico.  Please pray for our state.  

New Mexico Watchman