New Mexico Legislature 2023: Daily Report

Thursday, January 26, 2023 Day 10

The most insidious sin of our time is undoubtedly pornography.  Its ubiquitous nature has even our very young addicted.  So it is a sign of our times that lawmakers feel it a necessity to teach our children how to negotiate sexual activity.  House Bill 43, AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT POLICY IN SCHOOLS, requires schools to teach that an “affirmative, conscious agreement” be given by our children to each other before engaging in sexual activity.  

New Mexico Voices for Children, a child advocacy program, brought children who were victims of sexual assault to the committee room to share their stories of assault.  Students would be taught that silence does not mean “yes” and that being passed out is not a “yes” to sexual activity.  Please pray for an end to pornography in this state, in the country and in the world.

Yesterday’s Sanctity of Human Life rally was well attended as was the mass at Santa Fe’s Cathedral Basilica.  The Knight of Columbus who traditionally provide breakfast for the legislators refused to do so this year sighting the Governor’s adamant promotion of abortion.  Archbishop Alan Wester put the best spin on the incident stating the breakfast promotes dialogue between the church and legislators.

New Mexico experienced the longest COVID lockdown of any state.  Legislation to limit the Governor’s power as the single authority to keep the state lockdown passed its first committee with only one dissenting vote.  Rep Gail Chasey from Albuquerque argued that things worked well under the Governor’s lockdown order.  The bill would require the Governor to call a special session of the Legislature after 90 days of lockdown.

Please pray for our children, the end to abortion and a truly democratic governance in our legislature. 

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