Daily Update: NM Legislature Day 45, Thursday, March 2, 2023

HB 7  Reproductive and Gender Affirming Health Care passed the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee on a party-line vote of 6 to 2.  Debate centered around Senator Greg Schmedes’ pointing out that all European countries have discontinued the use of the “gender-affirming model.”  

Dr. Schmedes, a physician, pointed out that scientific papers on both sides of the argument could be produced but that the countries that had implemented these procedures experienced negative consequences for those who were affirmed, specifically homosexuals.  Under the model, homosexuals were encouraged to transition and puberty blockers were antithetical to the person’s overall well-being.

Senator David Gallegos pointed out that we have reverted back to biblical times in which the god Molech was worshiped with the sacrifice of infants.

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