Do 73% of New Mexican Want Legalized Marijuana?

In San Francisco in the late 80’s, I was interviewed for a marijuana “survey.”  I was given such questions as “Would you be in favor of the economic benefits of legalizing marijuana?”  I pointed out the questions were phrased to elicit a positive response for marijuana. They admitted to that.

The same thing has happened with Governor Lujan-Grisham’s Marijuana Taskforce.  The low-rent San Francisco company, Change Research, which advertises “affordable and accurate technology-based polling to forward-thinking campaigns and causes,” gave us a remarkable 73% favorable rating for marijuana in New Mexico.

The most unreliable polling sample was used to conduct the survey – the Twitter-sphere. Favorable responses jumped when economic benefits were reported.

In Colorado, hospitalizations have increase 200%, fatal auto accidents have increased 151%, the black market exploded and drug cartels have moved in.

The 1954 classic, How to Lie with Statistics, could have been written about this “research.”