What the Equality Act HB 5 Does: Abortion, Bathrooms and the Bible

In the next few days the U.S. House of Representative is expected to pass the Equality Act HB 5.   The legislation gives discrimination against the LGBTQ community equal status to racial discrimination as decided in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In reality, the act goes much further.

Churches holding traditional views on sexuality and marriage will experience the full force of federal law if they do not comply with the homosexual agenda.  The law goes beyond protecting the LGBTQ community. It creates a protected class of people based on their sexual activity and how they self-define their preferences.

Any response, concession or behavior an individual LGBTQ person seeks and does not receive can be defined as prejudice against him or her.

In addition, abortion is written into the law in such a way as to disallow any restriction.  All hospitals and physicians will be required to perform abortions and any religious objection would become null and void.

The following is some of what can be expected if Equality Act HB 5 is passes into law:

  1. Abortion will be treated like any other medical procedure by hospitals, physicians and staff. Refusal to participate in an abortion will be an act of discrimination against the individuals requesting the treatment procedure. The Weldon Amendment, which provides for conscientious objection, will be eliminated.
  2. Men will be allowed in women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms, erasing women’s safety, privacy, and dignity.
  3. Men will be allowed to usurp women’s athletic competitions merely by identifying as women.
  4. Religious freedom will be eradicated if it in any way contradicts acceptance of the LGBTQ dogma. Hiring of LGBTQ individuals will be required by churches.
  5. Major funding by the Federal Government for abortions will be made available.  To disallow funding would be deemed discriminatory.
  6. Eventually the Bible will be defined as “hate speech.” Biblical verses that address homosexuality will be disallowed and teaching about them will be liable to prosecution.
  7. Expect lawsuits if rental properties do not give priority to members of the LGBTQ community, if members of the LGBTQ community are not hired, if they are not given advancement, etc.

The LGBTQ tactic has always been clear: present homosexuality and gender confusion as a normal and sympathetic behavior, then reach as far into the rights of others as possible.

The Democratic Party has wholeheartedly embraced the Equality Act HB 5.  Only four Republican votes are needed for the Senate to also pass Equality Act HB 5 and send it to the Presidents’ desk. The President is expected to veto the bill.

The strength of the LBGTQ community is clearly demonstrated in this effort. Unfortunately, by contrast, the ineffectiveness of those holding a Christian worldview is also in evidence.

Please pray for our country and pray for the defeat of the Equality Act HB 5.

New Mexico Watchman