How HB 51 Was Defeated

The Democratic controlled New Mexico State Legislature 2019 Session had as its agenda legalizing marijuana, allowing doctors to prescribe lethal doses of medication to patients and erasing any limits on abortion.  None of these measures passed because of a concerted effort by the New Mexico Christian community.
Three Christian Bible Studies were conducted at the Roundhouse during the session.  Seven Pro-Life events were held at the State Capitol this year.  They were as follows: 

  State Capitol Events 2019 New Mexico Legislative Session 
1.  Sanctity of Life Awareness and Unity Day (SALUD)Sponsored by the Bishop of New Mexcio:  Allan Sanchez and Steve Rangle Coordinators
2. Medical Profession for Life Sponsored by Patient’s Rights Action Fund and Family Policy Alliance:  Vince Torres and Barbara Lyons Coordinators
3.  Pastor’s Day at the CapitolSponsored by New Mexico Prays and Family Policy Alliance:  Pastor Brian Alarid and Vince Torres Coordinators
4.  Rosary for LifeSponsored by Saint Anne Catholic Church and Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church:  Father John Sanchez and Father Larry Brito Coordinators
5.  Protest for LifeSponsored by Abortion Free New Mexico:  Bud and Tara Shaver Coordinators
6.  Candle Light Vigil for LifeSponsored by the Bishop of New Mexico:  Archbishop John Wester, Allan Sanchez and Steve Rangle Coordinators
7.  Rally for LifeHispanic Alliance Network:  Denee Reyes and Mark Gonzales Coordinators

Thank you Denee Reyes whom could found in the Rotunda singing praise and worship songs between rallies. 

The New Mexico Bishops, Allan Sanchez and Deacon Steve Rangel, Alliance for Life, Elisa Martinez, Right to Life New Mexico, Dauneen Dulce and Ethel Maharg, Family Policy Alliance, Vince Torres, were the lobbying efforts that changed the hearts and minds of the Legislators.
Legislators who were at the forefront of these effort have been Senator Bill Sharer (R Farmington), Representative Rod Montoya (R Farmington), Representative David Gallegos (D Eunice) Senator Pat Woods (D Broadview) and Representative Representative Gregg Schmedes (D Tijeras) to name a few.
A very special thank you to these and countless others who made the phone calls, sent the emails, testified in committee hearings, attended the rallies, sang the songs and gave New Mexico a godly year for the first time in a long time.  
God bless NewMexico.   

New Mexico Watchman     

We the People of New Mexcio: Rally March 4

We received the following notification from Abortion Free New Mexico, and respectfully pass it on for your consideration. Let us be silent no more!
WE THE PEOPLE NEW MEXICO RALLYTomorrow – Monday, March 4th 12:00 NoonIn front of the Roundhouse

We the People of New Mexico: Protest
(Online version):
Santa Fe, NM-   We the People of New Mexico: Citizens of New Mexico are concerned about the direction that New Mexico legislators are taking the state. You are invited to voice your concerns at a rally in Santa Fe. 
Here is your chance to voice your concern on issues like abortion, becoming a sanctuary state, boarder security, minimum wage, oil and gas constraints, new and higher taxes, gun control and many others that will affect you and your communities! 
We have been silent too long!

  • When: Monday March 4, 2019
  • Time: 12pm (noon)
  • Where: Front of the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico

BRING YOUR SIGNS. (Signs will also be provided by  Abortion Free New Mexico  .)

  • Do not make an issue of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (that makes it vindictive and personal)
  • DO make it about the issues of concern about the bills being proposed.
  • DO keep your composure and keep anger and disrespectful language out of the rally.

Event leader: