Better Call Alcon

Law in New Mexico comes by way of an elongated process sometimes taking years of persistent effort.  During a 30-Day Session, social issues take a back seat to financial concerns.  For a bill to be heard, first the Governor must “send a message,” allowing the bill to move forward.  Secondly, the Floor Leadership must assign the bill to a Committee.  Thirdly, the Chair of Committee must schedule the bill for a hearing.

The only legislation we are following that is approved by Governor Martinez is HB 56  Parental Notification of an Abortion.  The Speaker of the House, Rep. Brian Egolf, has assigned the bill to the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliseo Alcon, Chair.  Mr. Alcon has not scheduled the bill for a hearing.

(Mr. Alcon may be embarrassed by the fact the last year he purposely call a committee hearing on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m., assuming most persons interested in the legislation would be in church.  A church service was held in the Rotunda of the Capitol and a record number of testimonies in support of the bill was heard.)

Hearing HB 56 Parental Notification of an Abortion should move forward this legislative session and should be heard.

Please call Mr. Alcon at his capitol office at (505) 986-4425 and ask him to schedule HB 56  Parental Notification of an Abortion for a hearing.

Also, please pray for our New Mexico State Legislature, Mr. Alcon and the legislators that represent you.

New Mexico Watchman