What’s Wrong with Drag Queen Storytime?

Two hundred fifty people attended Drag Queen Storytime at the Albuquerque Main Library on Saturday, June 15.  The event featured two garishly dressed overweight men reading children’s stories to children.  The “Drag Queens” were trained by library staff for the presentation.

Estimates of the transgender community number .6% of the population, this less than 1% of the population makes this group a fringe element of our society.  According to Dr. Paul R. McHugh of John Hopkins University, transgenders suffering from a mental disorder that deserves treatment, not promotion.

In response to objections Mr. Dean Smith, Library Director stated the purpose of Drag Queen Showtime was to place “an emphasis on accepting differences and nurturing empathy.”  Does Mr. Smith honestly expect 3 to 7 year old children to “accept differences” in grown men in dresses in addition to feeling “empathy” towards them?  Mr. Smith appears to be quite lacking in the understanding of early childhood capabilities.

What we are in fact seeing is the promotional of a sexual agenda.  Mr. Smith states that Albuquerque and New Mexico have a “long history of honoring LGBTQ+ identities and the Library believes that every who comes to the Public Library should see themselves reflected in programming.”  Given that standard, jihadist terrorists should be reading to our children.

The library is a public institution.  Mr. Smith needs to be reminded that the public pays his salary and 99.4% of us do not dress up and make up as something we are not.  The library holds a public trust and that trust is to do what is best for our community.  To suggest that Drag Queen Showtime is something other than a farcical display for the purposes of indoctrination is a denial of that trust.

It would not be too much to ask a public official with such a lack of discernment for a children to resign his position.

New Mexico Watchman

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