Urgent Call to Contact Governor Susana Martinez Thursday 3-16-2017

SB 121 No Conversion TherapyThursday
March 16, 2017
To succeed, the homosexual community has to portray themselves as victims; victims of society, victims of families and now, victims of therapists.  Behavior modification is based on the simple concept of rewarding wanted behaviors to increase them and disciplining unwanted behaviors to decrease them.  If you’ve ever seen a child sent for a timeout, you’ve witnessed behavior modification.
These two elements, victimization and behavior modification, come together in SB 121: No Conversion Therapy (Candelaria D, Albuquerque).
Senator Candelaria describes Conversion Therapy as a brutal and demeaning form of behavior modification.  The problem is Conversion Therapy is expanded in the bill to claim that any therapy that does not affirm homosexuality is Conversion Therapy, and thus, victimization.
The homosexual community has convinced our New Mexico State Legislators that all therapy that is in opposition to same-sex attraction is conversion therapy and must be disallowed.  No documentation – places, dates, techniques – were ever presented to support the claim that such “therapy” ever existed in the state.
The result is that if SB 121 No Conversion Therapy is signed by the governor,
only therapy that affirms homosexuality will be allowed.
What is very clear is that families and therapists are disallowed any suggestion that any change in same-sex attraction can occur, despite such testimony being provided the legislators and the fact that thousands of documented cases exist.
Homosexuals, fearing family involvement and therapeutic choice, have gone to great lengths to pass this bill.  It is now on the Governor’s desk for signature.
Please pray and
Contact Governor Susana Martinez urging her to VETO
this horrendous bill that is an affront to caring families and Christian therapists.
Please email or fax your concern to the following:
PHONE CALLS: (505) 476-2200
FAXES:     (505) 476-2226
EMAILS:  susanna.martinez2state.nm.us
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Matthew 11:6

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