The Democrats 2020 New Mexico Session: New Money, A Lot of New Spending

The New Mexico State Legislature concluded the 2020 thirty-day Legislative Session last week to much congratulatory fanfare.  Democrats, who control both the House and Senate as well as the Governorship, managed to run through $1 billion in unrestrained spending this session.  The feeding frenzy included $536 million of new money from New Mexico’s oil and gas fields.  Every legislator knows how unpredictable and unstable oil and gas revenues are, but they spent it anyway.

The Democrat party’s solution to every problem is to throw money at it.  Child poverty is epidemic in New Mexico.  Child poverty comes from broken families, absent fathers and single parent households.  In New Mexico 42% of children are living in single parent households. 
The Democrat party’s solution is to take the child out of the home and to send in a social worker.  The Early Childhood Education program gives us more government spending and more government employees.  New Mexico taxpayers will pay $320 million in spending increases for this new program alone.

Free college tuition paid for by the government will be funded at $17 million, half of what Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham sought.  If you are saddled with student loans and have to leave the state to pay it off or if you want to be a plumber or an electrician, you’re out of luck.  Capital outlays, already at record levels, were increased by another $137 million.  Politicians like capital outlay because, who knows, your name may appear on the building.

On the other hand, no money could found to assist New Mexico citizens.  Speaker of the House Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) hinted to the press that a reduction in the excise tax might be forthcoming.  No such legislation was even submitted.  Three bills that would have greatly assisted New Mexico’s seniors faced immediate death.  Each bill submitted to stop taxing Social Security Income died in the first committee.  Any bill with “tax exemption” or “tax credit” in the title failed to move forward.

Overspending on shaky income was the order of the day for the 2020 New Mexico State Legislative session.

Debt and liberty were the issues of the 2020 session.  Debt increased and personal liberties were defeated.

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