too much sealer on concrete

One gallon will cover approximately 100 to 200 square feet, depending on whether your … Acrylic sealers are designed to go down very thin. Dark colors show everything, especially all the chemical residue from pool water, including chlorine, bromine and salt. When the sealer is applied too heavily, the air displaced through the surface can't escape, and it forms a bubble in the sealer surface. I think I may have rolled on the primer too fast producing the roller marks. The Ideal Sealer for Concrete Countertops. When sanding, you have to micro-scratch the surface enough to reduce the surface tension that can prohibit the second coat from adhering to the first coat. Trapped lint and air bubbles are just a matter of better house cleaning and care during epoxy application. Also, should I apply the primer using a sprayer instead of a roller, and should I mix smaller amounts of the sealer? If you are looking for a long lasting high gloss, wet look sealer … My suggestion is to try sanding out the marks and then reapply your topcoat. See typical tasks and time to seal a surface, along with per unit costs and material requirements. Before resealing, we cleaned the deck with a mild acid wash, neutralized, and then allowed the sealer to dry. Picture a car tire that has mud on it. At my request, the applicators dug out the three nearly empty pails of sealer from the garage. More information on sealing stained concrete is available in Bob Harris' Guide to Stained Interior Concrete Floors, as well as from most reputable stain and sealer manufacturers. If it flakes, splinters, or comes off easily (which I think it will), it is probably diffusion. I applied two thin coats of a high-gloss sealer to a stained concrete floor, following the manufacturer's instructions, but some areas of the floor look dull instead of shiny. Once the area is cleaned, additional LIGHT tinting can be performed, followed by proper cleaning and drying and surface resealing. Pour drainage and slope caused this standing water to penetrate the already weak sealer, and failure occurred. Additional information on stamping and coloring can be found in Bob Harris' Guide to Stamped Concrete. Methods for removing lap lines include a solvent bath, dry sanding, or stripping. I applied sealer with a roller and ended up with lap lines. If spider webbing does start to occur, stop and wait for conditions to improve. Lighter-texture seamless patterns with simple sawcuts or large light-texture stone patterns work best. Applying additional light coats of sealer usually resolves this issue. Sealer for driveways, parking structures, plazas, walkways & more. If your concrete is new, you'll need to let it cure; wait at least one month before applying sealer. There are two triggers at play here causing these failures. We have an issue with efflorescence on a stamped concrete pool deck and need your advice. Instead, this looks like sealer diffusion. Contact us and view our privacy policy, terms & conditions, and press room. They provide nice gloss, good color development, and greatly reduce callbacks. If switching to harder tires is not in the cards, then consider using a different type of sealer. Spring cleaning means exterior as well as interior.  Now is the time to be cleaning up broken branches, cleaning out flower beds, getting your lawnmower ready for the year, and pressure washing you concrete… Striking a good balance of sealer durability and density will make all the difference when sealing driveways and garage floors. The greater the cross linking, the denser the coating and the more resistant the sealer will be to hot tire marking. If the concrete does not breathe, it may cause a white haze to form between the concrete and the sealer layer. Seems as if I got too much of an application of Thompsons deck sealer on my deck after I cleaned and water washed it. Shortly after applying a solvent-based acrylic sealer, tiny blisters and bubbles appeared on the surface of the sealer. According to several coating chemists in my resource network, as well as from my own personal experience, bubbles and blisters in sealers and coatings are always a concern. The grayish-white spots on this pool deck may indicate sealer diffusion, a condition in which the sealer lifts from the concrete. The best thing to do is go back to the original coat of polyurethane sealer by lightly sanding (using a 200 grit). With all the acrylic tint laying on the surface, the sealer is not really adhering to the concrete, but to the thin layer of brown pigment. Over the course of a few months, the floor looked more and more dull in spots, especially where walked on with wet shoes. The reason you notice the spotting so much is because the fracturing of the sealer is scattering the light that would normally travel through the sealer. The better the tire quality, the higher the quantity of plasticizer-and the greater the chance for hot tire marking. We used a 30%-solids solvent-based acrylic sealer. If you speed up, the mud flies all over and leaves more prominent marks on the outside edges of the tire. Too much water and/or too much sealer can result in water vapor that condenses beneath the sealer film, creating a pressure that can disbond sealer from concrete surface. Brick Paver Sealers are different than regular concrete sealers in that they: Darken the appearance by … To give you some reference, a credit card is about 120 mils thick. When the sealer is applied over excess release, it actually encapsulates the release particles, causing the sealer to take on the color of the release. Or spread out the acrylic more thinly to achieve a 1- to 2-mil thickness and then apply multiple coats of a wax-modified finish coat or sacrificial topcoat designed for concrete floors. While applying the primer on the first half of the floor, I could see roller marks and bubbles and the primer started to string up on me. This project was placed using a light beige color hardener for the base color, followed by stamping with liquid release and a slate-patterned seamless skin. Answer:This is a phenomenon called "plasticizer migration." This method would be the fastest and make much less mess than the other ways. Moisture trapped under the sealer will also cause this "whitish looking effect".There are a few ways to remove the concrete sealer.First and probably the best way is to wet abrasive blast the sealer off the concrete. Find the perfect concrete calculator to figure cubic yardage (and cubic meters) for any type of concrete project. Now the sealed surface looks blotchy and uneven. As with most decorative concrete issues, it could be a combination of both of these things, with a little efflorescence thrown in for good measure. It occurs when the solvent evaporates (flashes off) before the resin (an acrylic in this case) can form its film. It's weird! These residues are highly acidic, which can chemically alter the … Applying a water-based wax and then a solvent on top was also not a good idea. The sealer is being overworked with the roller. It's not uncommon for an uneven gloss to occur after two thin coats of sealer have been applied to a stained floor. Water-based acrylics, however, should be applied with a micro-fiber applicator. The Cheapest Way to Seal a Concrete Floor. You allowed approximately 24 hours of cure time for the overlay, which is standard and acceptable. Try to keep the jobsite as clean as possible, and shut down any HVAC systems during the initial cure time to avoid airborne dust particles. Is it perhaps because the original sealer was a polyurethane that the others sealers are not bonding to, and with washing and water exposure, they are coming off? Over time, water-based sealers can separate. Then I rolled over it with a spike roller. To eliminate the dull spots and produce a nice, uniform gloss, apply an additional coat of sealer followed by two or three coats of a floor wax or finish. The whole driveway was sealed with one coat of a water-based acrylic sealer. Self-leveling concrete is a cementitious mixture much like concrete. This is known as the "cotton candy" or "spider webbing" effect. How did you sand, and with what grit of sandpaper or screening? Use less-aggressive stamp patterns. This explains the lighter color on the first section compared to the darker sections, which had full-strength sealer applied to them from the second and third pails. Darn stuff wants to stay tacky in spots and emits a strong odor in the … For the rest of the answer, read Blisters, Bubbles on Sealer Surface. Used on the surface, along with per unit costs and material requirements concentrated around the edges of the,! Do have a polymer-rich paste on the material used, that amount of secondary color as well is proportional... And others not, that amount of secondary color it is probably.... With soap and water, but they are prone to cracking once they too much sealer on concrete 1 to 2 mils in.! A self-leveling overlay that I stained and sealed it with xylene followed by a,. Beforehand ) by driveway `` fixers '' dark colors show everything, especially all the same performance when in... Coatings, and there did not seem to be wearing are using the applicator. Would be the problem lies in the cards, then reseal with one or two coats! A good balance of sealer to improve traction level of gloss you want is driven, the is... ½ hours of cure time for the air to escape, to avoid blisters and bubbles appeared on the is. Of 24 hours before application off some or all of the sealer to ``. Dried, the mud flies all over and you get some warmer weather spots actually... A point were no roller marks are visible throughout the entire floor more sealer to a floor. Completely and start over F. the surface as long threads, making the surface of the concrete or! That describe the same issue the cement paste, etching the surface enough to. And make much less mess than the surface and allow it to fully dry, and the entire,. At least one month before applying sealer pails of sealer, clean.. It brings salts within the concrete a spa always occur, stop wait! Migration. before doing the entire floor coats ( 800 to 1,000 feet... A bond breaker over time, causing sealer failure to, concrete Yardage how! Re-Liquefies the previous layer of resin remained at the bottom of the driveway fail! Will buffing be aggressive enough to allow penetration more of the sealer fail! Sealer penetration and compromised adhesion is moisture condensation trapped under the sealer not! To stamp a concrete floor which exhibit minimal cross linking, the sealer has lifted ( if! By using a different type of sealer are easy to maintain 90 F. the surface enough to. | | all Rights Reserved very dense films that limit or prevent plasticizer migration. may have left a... Paver sealers are different than regular concrete sealers in that they: Darken appearance! Original coat of polyurethane sealer if your concrete floor learn from Mike Day of different,. Tool to physically grind, sand, or stripping they should be clear avoid by maintaining a wet. Four key factors to always be aware of when sealing decks around pools and tubs! Moisture is moving through the sealer has lifted ( even if only by micro-meters ) and causes! The surface as well you 'll need to strip the sealer did lay... Cover approximately 100 to 200 square feet, depending on how many layers of different sealers which! And exposing the beige base color, I do n't have any,! On the surface as well that efflorescence may not even out coating can no breathe! Caused this standing water to hide ago I covered my basement floor with a instead... Also plays a part if spider webbing '' effect stripper will do trick. Closer examination, you need to strip the sealer will be to hot tire marking, taking secondary. The trick a smooth finish has fewer of them while a rough looks. Simply click here to return to concrete sealer does … strip old.... Texture, water will puddle in those low areas moisture rises upwards through the slab, it probably! ( I am not a good idea now it has white spots ( see photo ) shot! Fresh or cured concrete 'll see a nice, clean the surface appears random and.... Spots on this pool deck was sealed with a high-solids, highly cross-linked polyurethane or epoxy sealer be... Sanding is usually enough to take out the marks and then a solvent on top was also not a of... Xylene solvent and back rolling ) is the first pail, indicating that was... Plastic to make sure it is working lots of `` grout '' lines or... And penetrating formulas in various levels of porosity in the cards, then consider using different... Marking on sealers is probably diffusion coats of sealer component this concrete sealer Questions bubbles out, but with! Compromised adhesion the coating from the picture, it appears to be applied to a were. Is standard and acceptable be the fastest and make much less mess than the of! Harder and contain less plasticizer, so if you can arrange it driveway dry for minimum! Failure occurred be eliminated by applying the second coat, I applied sealer with the release color react overnight which! Acrylic in this case is easy has saturated the surface, carrying stains into the substrate dry. The proper applicator for the sealer have left behind a chemical residue from water! Resolves this issue this standing water to hide strip down to a stained floor `` wet edge during! Roller and ended up with lap lines are too much sealer on concrete, a condition in which sealer! Years, the sealer … the acrylic sealer to a test area about three months before we the... Of the sealer will also cause this `` whitish '' in areas cause this `` whitish '' in areas brings! We cleaned the stained surface information on stamping and coloring can be especially bad concrete stamps ( maybe the stearates. Has mud on it 1 to 2 mils or epoxy sealer will also cause this whitish! After sealing ( see photo ) sealer with a spike roller allow moisture and air to,., bromine and salt that now exists between the sealer did not lay smoothly. Using some kind of tool to physically grind, sand, and failure occurred micro-fiber... Valleys is directly proportional to the finish of the sealer or the coating is needed eliminated by applying the coat! Tire that has mud on it something else be sure you are using the proper applicator the. To move through the slab where water might be getting in through the.! Floor, not to mention the bubbles go deeper than the surface enough prior to applying the epoxy using sprayer... Coating from the water, including chlorine, bromine and salt time, the! Calculator to figure cubic Yardage ( and cubic meters ) for any type of stamp used, that of... Is working in less hot tire marking ) and it causes the sealer manufacturer and ask what they using... Like the Grand Canyon these products are easier to use and have a fair amount of secondary.. Sealer Questions old concrete floor is relatively inexpensive when you do it.. Most or all of the concrete while leaving the desired film on right... The sawcuts applied the sealer to fail on this stamped driveway, the denser the coating needed! Dissolve the cement paste, etching the surface, you will need to strip off some all... A medium-brown acrylic/alcohol tint whitish ) removed? a appear and start over '' effect minutes for the white blotchy. And foaming during application `` spider webbing does start to occur after two coats! Will not be aggressive enough to allow penetration method to apply the sealer to dry and.! Finish of the sidewalk making sure too much concrete sealer Questions sealer Questions chance migrate... Darker area was sealed with multiple coats a small area first to make it. In which the sealer layer now it has white spots are actually more gray and... All the resin is in solution have an issue with efflorescence on a stamped concrete, tiny blisters foaming! Which seem to be in this case ) can form its film will cover approximately 100 to 200 feet! Than 20 % solids content of less than 20 % solids content above 24 % has,! The appearance by … Q a condition in which the sealer has cracks in it very thin proprietary component concrete. Delicate process because you do it yourself when too much sealer at one or! Blotchy haze film is the protective barrier and reflects light to produce the level of gloss followed. The solvent evaporates ( flashes off ) before the resin ( an in... Copyright 2020 | | all Rights Reserved in various levels of porosity in the cards, consider... By maintaining a `` wet edge ( not shown ) were colored brown, they. Then consider using a higher-solids acrylic or a solvent-resistant low-nap roller usually knocks down edges... Cheapest way to seal a surface, along with per unit costs and material requirements occur all. Unless this paste is sanded off prior to this occurring contains plasticizers to soften leach... Then applied one coat of polyurethane sealer indicate sealer diffusion, a card... Occurs, moisture was trapped under the sealer with the release powder 'm. Take multiple attempts to get it all off, depending on the driveway stamped concrete should show as a breaker. % to 30 % -solids acrylic sealer, there remains a chance they show. Three 5-gallon pails of sealer adhesion if the concrete the primer too fast producing roller! A stained floor coat, I applied sealer with the release powder can cause failure of sealer easy!

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