Religious Organizations Left Vulnerable HB 89 Health Coverage for Contraception

The nation watched as the Obama Administration forced the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide contraception to the nuns.  The Supreme Court finally said no, they didn’t have to.

Now New Mexico State Rep. Deborah Armstrong has come up with HB 89 Health Coverage for Contraception.  The bill requires insurance companies to provide birth control to both men and women.  (Birth control for men? Condoms? Vasectomies?)

The New Mexico bill does NOT include a religious exemption. 

When Rep Armstrong was asked why not, she responded, “because I didn’t want to.”  The ridiculous response drew laughter from the gallery.  Our local paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported that a religious exemption had been included.  It does not.

Representative Rob Montoya pointed out that the absence of such a statement leaves New Mexicans vulnerable to lawsuits repeating the need of Little Sisters of the Poor for a legal defense.

Representative Armstrong needs to be asked why she’s proposing laws that will cause harm to religious organizations.  “Because I didn’t want to” is not a good enough answer.

HB 89 Health Coverage for Contraception now goes the Senate for committee assignments.

New Mexico Watchman

February 19, 2019 

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