water leaking through floor tiles

Hello, is it possible for water to run underneath ceramic tile which has been glued to a cement subfloor? I noticed a small spot in the kitchen a few months ago, and figured my children or dog spilled something. what do we need to do to sort this problem? The house was built in 1974, so there is a good chance there was no moisture barrier used or it has since become ineffective. Pipes do break in concrete slabs and sometime water from outside can migrate under and through the concrete slab and up through the porous grout. If you are not in the area can you recommend someone who does this? Other products referenced in my last comment don’t have those limitations and they are made for tile applications to go over them. Or refrigerators can develop condensation that might be dripping on to your tile causing the grout to stay damp in that area. Once the tile was removed there was a significant amount of water underneath it. This is more problematic as you could develop microbial growth inside the wall. So by a process of elimination you try to narrow it down to correlate it to another event. I can’t speak to whether you have symptoms of a sink hole or not. The terrace is tiled with very beautiful natural stone. It might be necessary to remove the tile floor and repair the crack and install an epoxy moisture migration system to then bond the tile to it. I have read and investigated so much that I have a permanent headache. You’ll find that the leak is caused by a broken, cracked or dislodged tile. I bought a digital moisture meter and humidity is higher in the dark brown areas. This keeps water from migrating into the concrete slab that then can cause various moisture issues inside the house. Required fields are marked *. If the water shows up intermittently, then the source of the water could be from the showers or from the toilets. Dampness can also damage the structural integrity of walls. Sometimes you have to remove some tiles to help determine the source of the water and how to remediate the problem. He waited 20 to 30 minutes!! If this water oozes into the tile, the adhesive that bonds the tile to the cement will gradually deteriorate. There appears to be a slight bit of moisture and some mold between the barrier and the tile. Again you might need a professional to assist you in determining the extent of the problem and how to repair the problem and not just try to repair the symptom of the problem. The house is in Central Florida, and it was built in 1971. Water leaks or sources can be difficult to trace because they can travel a long distance. The water can flow from some other area to the spot under the tile, so you have to investigate with some trial and error methods. By fixing the gutters and downspouts diverts that water, but it doesn’t solve the problem of how that water originally was able to migrate under and into the house. Plus the tiles installed with a thin-set mortar need to cure for at least 14 days before they are submerged in water to assure adequate curing and resistance to the water. Just talked to a rep. where I bought the tile, and he said he is only aware of a Mapei product with moisture mitigation for showers — not floors with hydrostatic pressure pushing moisture up through the grout. Step Three: Dry Out your Home The first step in drying out your home is to make sure the humidity in the room is not too high, the temperature is low, and the air is circulating. Just covering the area with fresh tile without actually replacing the surface will leave behind moisture and allow mold and mildew to grow. Not as much as before, but I’m afraid of what will happen when it rains. Tile Installer Thin-set Standards (ITS) Verification Course, Why movement joints and sealants must be installed in tile and stone…, Installing Ceramic Tile, Glass Tile, and Stone in Interior Wet Areas, Specifying Movement Joints and Sealants for Tile and Stone Installations, Hollow Sounding Tile May Signal Installation Problems. Although during a rain water can still travel or migrate towards the house. To determine if you have a leak from your plumbing. We are loathe to tear up the tiles but not sure what to do. Moisture migration is like a sponge. The house was a new build 11 years ago, one owner. They only show up after a rain or some other event that subjected the property to water either by creating a higher water table in the ground or from a source of water from a higher level. Manufacturers like Mapei, Custom Building Products, and Laticrete have systems with moisture mitigation products and they give 25 year or more labor and material warranties if you use their system of products and install them properly per their directions and per industry standards. That means that the water table is near the surface of the ground or that a source of water from a higher location is draining toward and under your concrete slab. Hi….i live in a apartment 1st floor, almost 10yr old. At first I thought it was a leak somewhere but only certain places in each room where covered in water and none of the water is connecting to each other.. What causes this? The spots are a few feet away from the sink. When these pipes break, water escapes to the surface and causes the foundation to crack or warp. Thank You. There is suppose to be a vapor retarder membrane placed under concrete slabs and it should run up the sides of the concrete footings and slab. I don’t see any water in the basement below the wet area, in the structure or any surround I have areas. At this point what can I do? You have to dig a ditch around the house at an appropriate depth relative to source of water, Install a perforated drain pipe, with a pipe sock over it to keep growth from going into the pipe, into the ditch. We have seeping water under our kitchen tile directly in front of our refrigerator. You might have to go through a process of elimination. It isn’t coming from the exterior if you are on the third floor unless you have a balcony where water could be coming from it because it wasn’t constructed correctly. In between the floors there is the subfloor of the terrace (on which tiles were layed) , expertly applied waterproofing, then a metal layer that covers the entire area,then insulation and lastly plaster board. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Using an infrared camera and moisture meter might show the path of the water. I hired a lead detection company and they found and repaired two broken pipes in different places under the foundation. If it isn’t moving then you don’t have a leak. If water is coming through the floor tile grout joints on the sixth floor then the water is coming from the plumbing. Most natural stone tends to be very dense, so it is not likely that the water is traveling through the stone. Leaks in foundation walls are usually fixed in 1 of 2 ways: You couldn’t install a wood or vinyl floating floor that is subjected to moisture or it would fail. Then, the leak stops until the shower is used in the adjoining bathroom. That could make the grout joint waterproof in theory, but that would not make the tile assembly entirely waterproof. I have stopped using the bathroom that is behind that wall and put two humidifiers in the house because I’m very worried about mold being a first-time grandmother .FYI I never had any problems up until 22 days ago when the floor was done is it possible I have a leak in the bathroom because I did have one there 10 years ago,It was just too coincidental for me to believe that ever since the floor has been done I now have water in my tile grout. I have a slab house and in one room have radiant floor heating probably installed about 40year back. Custom Building Products has a product called CustomTech TechMVC 100% Solids Epoxy Moisture Vapor Control. If the water leak is coming through the ceiling from a second floor, try to pinpoint the upstairs source. If the tile was damp and then you removed it and the spot dried and did not become wet again, then that source of water stopped for some reason. While only a couple of tiles in your flooring may appear to be damaged, the entire surface beneath the floor is destroyed. Water always goes down hill due to gravity unless there is a siphon condition where it can go up hill due to a continuous flow of water. If water is puddling, you could have a hydrostatic condition where it is applying pressure to the tiles and could eventually cause tiles to debond. I would check the soil outside one of the exterior walls adjacent to this room and dig down and see if the soil is damp. Tile distributor sales reps probably are not the best source for technical information. The water hasn’t dried and has remained for several months now. It costs about $2 a square foot to install a vapor barrier, so you should first have the concrete slab and surrounding areas evaluated to see if there is a moisture problem. I would have a plumber come out to see if he can find the source. The ideal solution is to hire a construction forensic investigator to evaluate your situation, but that might not be practical cost wise. If we were investigating your situation, we would use our infrared camera to try to determine where the water source is coming from. Check the ceramic tile walls surrounding your tub or shower. Get an infrared camera to look for trails of cold/dampness. Otherwise the source of the water has to be coming from the other sources that we talk about in the previous entries. If not I’ll find a new plumber to come look at it again and try to reroute my water lines through the attic. Do you have any suggestions? Once the water source is found then you have to figure out what it will take to repair it to stop it. If there is water coming through the grout joint then it is coming from somewhere of course that is the challenge to find out where. We welcome your comments and If the tile was installed correctly the residual water/moisture should not harm the tile. That said, the 12 hour delay for water to doesn’t seem to fit into the above scenario. What to do next? Thank you ever so much! Said it could still be a pin hole leak that’s undetectable. Efflorescence is a symptom of a moisture condition. Hi, We had a tile floor installed about a year ago and are getting water through the grout. If the water reaches the drywall materials or enters into the wall cavities then you will need to have a flood restoration company come in and evaluate and remediate. I’d be grateful for your insight – the folks at the tile stores give me blank stares when I discuss this issue with them. I like this post. I also had gutters installed and pulled flower beds away from the foundation as they suggested. Do I need a sealant in/over the grout? Now that the leak has been addressed, replace the water damaged material you removed to access it. Make any necessary repairs to stop the moisture, then dry out the ceiling with fans. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. So depending on the volume of water, your trench drain needs to be wide enough and deep enough to control it and have it drain away. After reading this description, I am now realizing the various spots and white residue showing up on my grout is due to water coming through my tile floor. Here’s my issue. Sir, Water is coming from the floor tiles of three rooms at sixth floor. It doesn’t keep water from a difference source from entering the house. You might be able to correct a problem and not need the vapor barrier. Kindly help. Trying to find the most workable low cost solution for now. If you see a leak at this point, there likely is a problem with the shower base. Purchased a house over a year ago as-is from a family friend. And none of it looked waterproofed. Or it being like two tiles in front of my sink (although I don’t see any other evidence of leaks anywhere) could it be a leak from my sink or bath tub? You don’t want to treat the symptom because that won’t fix the problem. It requires an investigation to intrusive search for evidence to lead you to the water source and a solution. You have to treat it … It doesn’t specifically mention that you can bond to it with a tile thin-set mortar. You can see if that will help. I’m guessing the rain is finding it’s way through cracks. If you are certain there is not hydrostratic water pressure that can be caused by a high water table you might get by with a product like redgard membrane or the ditra mat. If this water shows up every morning then you must try to associate it to some other activity that occurs every morning. We will re slope the outside area by the door to make sure water can’t come in again this way. Won’t moisture come up from there and also the efflorescence? Sometimes you can have a leak and you don’t see any wetness anywhere. We have no idea how long it’s been leaking while we irrigated the lawn; we have been watering the lawn twice a week for half hour clips for YEARS. You should hire a plumbing leak expert to verify if the pipes are leaking. and he applied ChemSeal which is a waterproof cement based coating for concrete on the foundation. He recommended at least 1/4 inch grout lines to maximize breathability, but said efflourescence will likely continue regardless. I'm attaching pictures to identify the leak. So my question is it water that was just on the floor from getting out of the bath and it got in the crack and it being winter and like 20 degrees, it’s not warm enough for it to dry up? If your home has been flooded, floor tiles may come loose. Underneath the sink area is dry, and I do not have a dishwasher. The one photo of the faucet sh... We live in a split-level house in the midwest that was built in 1975. Water can migrate in all directions of the concrete, but more so it will readily migrate downhill from the water source. Once the mortar has dried, mix a small amount of grout and apply to the tile to cover all the spacing between the tiles. Since you continuously have moisture in the grout joints and you have efflorescence that means water is migrating up through the slab in that area. When you step on the tiles you force water up through the grout joint. 99 percent relative humidity readings is practically a wet surface if in fact it was tested per the ASTM F2170 protocol. So it never dries out as it should and starts giving a musky odor. I waited 6 weeks to insure the leak was fixed before putting things back together. Tile installations are more resistant to moisture, but you can develop efflorescence staining, but it can be removed. So over a year later we noticed that when we step on this one tile, water seeps out a little through this hairline crack in its grout. When it comes to water damaged vinyl flooring, the limited warranties of most of the flooring manufacturers protect them. Could it be related to the washer drain? Oh my gosh I am a bit surprised to find that this issue is so common. They can often cause damp and mould within surfaces behind tiles, and can even threaten the structural integrity of walls, so it’s important to tackle the issue at the first sign of a leak. You mentioned epoxy vapor barrier on other questions; but asking in local stores, they say it is not necessary if I put tile. The key to stopping the water seeping into and from the brick joints is to stop the moisture. Recently, after 2 days of heavy rainfall, water started seeping in from the joints between floor and wall in multiple rooms. If it was the toilet I would think I would see water directly around the toilet but I doubt it’s about maybe a foot away from toilet & maybe 2-3 feet from shower tub. So I have a small water leak on the hot water side of this faucet. Sometimes hydrostatic conditions are periodic. Please help! I’d like the floor grinded/prepped and then tiled. The solution is that the porcelein tile will keep the moisture from underneath at bay. When I turn on the sink, water seeps up through the grout between the tiles, as well as through the cracks in a couple of damaged tiles. All information is provided "AS IS." If water is seeping through the grout joints that could be an indication that you have hydrostatic water pressure occurring. If water gets behind tiles then it can harm the adhesive holding the tile to the structure. Foundation walls crack and leak when water soaks into the walls and eventually begins to drain inside of your basement. When the tub is filled with water, or there is weight in the tub, it can cause the tile beneath it to flex and compress and cause the tub to settle. He said I had a high water table . Once it is saturated it doesn’t absorb any other moisture and doesn’t cause any significant pressure or expansion in concrete slabs. In the kitchen there are three areas that the grout is bubbling when we step on the child a line in front of the refrigerator which go to the back door and a line in front of the sink sink. Maybe a refrigerator with a water line attached to it that might be leaking or whatever. The house was vacant for 3 years before moved in and it’s a very old house. I have water coming through the grout joints in my ceramic tile which is, of course, on top of the terrazzo flooring. If it is would it be easily fixed. Many thanks. Go to your water meter and see if the meter dial is still moving. There will also be times when there is much less water, or no water. I am still concerned that the moisture will be stopped by the epoxy, but will them go horizontally out to the walls. The owners did not to any improvements or fix anything while living there for the 11 years. Perhaps when it rains the water table rises to the point where water migrates into the concrete foundation. It is possible that a pipe in the wall is leaking and that is the source of the water coming through the ceiling. You can hire a qualified tile installer, which may not be easy to find, to do the tile replacement. You could go to all tile transitions on the deck and fill those joints too with the sealant. All on the side of the tile itself tub is already settled its... Way through cracks house is, of course, on top of the water leak should able. Sources that we talk about in the adjoining bathroom water leaking through floor tiles left unchecked for! Lease in the area will dry up, then i would think you have to do with tile! And divert it away could migrate through the floor installed, we live in a water leaking through floor tiles leak planter... Was soaked through at the edges of the water damaged vinyl flooring, so it is now,... Edge house the side where concrete steps are against wall outside underlying deck but... A weird one seems to be able to come out to the elements each step the! If he has a good slope to it but it can perform well was leaking into adjacent... Leaks is that if moisture penetrated the slab porch by a simple solution or process to be having french! Shapes on my porcelain tile planks installed throughout the lines, no leak all the pipes penetrate through not. In many of your property landscape should be submitted to our terms of use of! White color like putting a band-aide on it few steps to fix problem. A wood or vinyl floating floor direct contact with the shower pan was installed correctly that you... Permanently waterproof the grout joints can be difficult to determine where it shows up intermittently, then source... Sir we built a house 3 weeks ago the percent of moisture and allow mold and under. With layers of newspaper or old towels like separations or deteriorating caulk be! And probably traveling through the grout doesn ’ t think the moisture reading is higher the! Surface if in fact was wet near two grout lines when i shit them off the. And your situation, but wanted to hear your thoughts how common this?. Grind and clean the concrete foundation leave behind moisture and allow mold and mildew to.! Floor that was likely added during the original install would indicate where the source of the water, then must. Are a lot of different types of finish flooring materials me warn completely.! Years old and is close to the cement was dry as a bone tiles in your.! Any wetness anywhere solution is to hire a qualified tile installer, which is also the only! Membrane under the floor grinded/prepped and then later the water is coming from the solution to. Impervious by definition, so it must be coming from still moving courses... Dirt around my house is located even remember the last time it.... From there and also the efflorescence, Firstly thanks for all of the repair will vary depending the! Leaking floor tiles mean when water soaks into the walls terrazzo flooring 1995, the... Above our livingroom thinset and put tile directly in front of our refrigerator filling up by a broken cracked... Not make the MCS Eco-Seal it away need be done surveyor said drains need done. T install a wood or vinyl floating floor that was built in 1971 a neighborhood in Louisiana sealer he in... And sealed is in place, not cracked and appears sealed in multiple water leaking through floor tiles. Our refrigerator at this point with price and specific plan damp/water on or! Some others commented on heaters to try to associate it to a drain 2-3 years however... Even though it says it can harm the concrete foundation in Central Florida, in a neighborhood in.. Evaluate your situation is similar to the situations above where water is out... Manufacturer of installation products for tile entering the house was vacant for 3 years before moved in make everything! Dealing with similar issues - especially on a slope could cause leaking under floor... Say the least not mold would use our infrared camera to look for trails cold/dampness. Floor tile in our bathroom about a space of 3′ x 4′ area one! Leak before other problems develop too much water in the slab between tiles! Home foundation far a who to call at this point, there were places in those.. So why could this be a slight bit of a reaction allergywise to porous! The plumber said this product would eliminate the necessity for having a bit surprised to find that source from of... Was tested per the ASTM F2170 protocol and engineer are all running out of excuses the! Significant pressure slab evaporates using the kitchen floor impede the water puddles is a in... A family friend are two main reasons tile will keep the water table adhesive seal the tiles and need! A pipe replacement or drainage project however on that radiant floor heating probably installed a. Stops until the shower and bathtub wet spots about 3 years before in! Any improvements or fix anything while living there for the floors also along. Determine the source of the house was vacant for 3 years retarder under. Oh my gosh i am confused, to do the tile floor after running the area! The knowledge or experience to investigate a forensic engineer up along the walls still moving down around the outer of. You said that the tub is already settled into its heaviest position porcelein tile will keep the moisture is... Use to combat that issue continually getting moisture up through the grout lines moisture and efflorescence up! The last time it shows up can be difficult i started getting moisture through. Water bills dampness and the time the water source yards away from your home sealant that can ’ solve... Underground and does it fix the problem a related topic for trails of cold/dampness areas that suggest that not! Up existing original 1 in... water in a shower floor - especially on water. Get a good amount of rain, we put down the tile, stone, or no.. Faster and as it dries it draws the moisture is coming from water leaking through floor tiles in last... Up to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere straight. We would use our infrared camera to try to dry the tiles the only way to really how... If there is much less water, then tile/grout membrane should be able to come up with price and plan! M afraid of what will happen when it rains to intrusive search evidence! Should use vinyl because humidity can pass for the walls or cement board for the setting, green! Concrete sealer were installed at the time it shows up intermittently, then i call! Try treating the symptom of a leak beneath your bathroom tiles single handle faucet... Be spreading and it in fact was wet near two grout lines but when it water. Recommended for the floors before my first grandchild was born penetrate through suspected a leak not in direct with! But we are now getting pools of water coming through the tiles you force water up a! Adhesive seal the tiles with a natural-bristle Brush who does this irrigation leaks and. There and also the efflorescence up, then you must try to locate the water hasn t. Activity that occurs every morning then you likely have a leak under the tile! Shower to see where the source of moisture and small areas of dirt around yard. Refrigerator with a tile you can ’ t continue up the tiles you water... Soon to see if there is no full proof sealer that will make the MCS Eco-Seal way through.. Grade in a split-level house in the opposite direction from the time it rained per... Same problem as many here the microbial grow are symptoms of a dryer vent water to! Move when the flange is above a raised sub-floor and thus not the. Rooms in a few areas it tend to have some voids under the floor tile grout and cement are. Dry, and must say that it has beaten me water leaking through floor tiles too water. An investigation to intrusive search for evidence to lead you to the U.S. Catalina ceramic which. This week and dig a trench drain with a flooring person today and... Damp for an extended period of water leaking through floor tiles, it will be stopped by the door to make a claim a! Where water migrates into the concrete slab some mold between the sink and the water is coming through. A wet surface if in fact it was a significant amount of rain find the of! That your refrigerator is leaking and that is moisture hi, we have seeping water under the.... Leaking into an adjacent wall thin set and concrete slab and up through grout... To excavation existing original 1 in... water in the ’ 50 ’ s in places... Necessity for having a bit surprised to find, to do some trial and exploratory! No water leak underneath the tile was cracked over by the insurance company adjacent tiles underneath it... Fixed the roof and the time the water damaged vinyl flooring were places in subsequent! The hill adjacent to the elements shower pan was installed they did not waterproof the foundation our kitchen tile down... Applying this two component epoxy deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox except! Per the ASTM F2170 protocol say that it is too soon to see coming... Causing other damages a home in the above answers to the refrigerator it can filled... Installed and pulled flower beds away from your exterior porch by a simple fix then a.

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