New Mexico Legislature Update: Day 15 Tuesday, January 31, 2022

All five of New Mexico’s Washington DC delegation are Democrats.  The southern part of the state has always had conservative leanings and has sent a Republican to Congress.  Not this year.  The south failed to send a Republican to Washington because of Redistricting, a process that occurs every 10 years and is based on population shifts.  This year the Legislature carved out a swath in Albuquerque so that the district includes a portion of Albuquerque and runs all the way down to Carlsbad.

A lawsuit challenging the Redistricting is now before the New Mexico Supreme Court.  In the meantime, Resolution 1 would create a 9-member independent board to draw up the redistricting map rather than leaving it up to the Legislature.

Souring Crime especially in Albuquerque is a major issue in the Legislature this year.  In an effort to reform the system,  Legislators heard testimony on whether there is a scientific means to determine if those taken into custody will re-offend and must remain incarcerated.  The short answer is “No.”

The Legislator’s attempt at reform is Senate Bill 123 which says if you commit a violent crime, say murder, you stay in jail.  The Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Joe Cervantes, said, “Not so fast.”  Apparently, our liberal New Mexico Supreme Court has already ruled such a measure is unconstitutional.  So criminal reform remains in limbo at this point with the Senate Judiciary Committee not voting on the bill. 

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