The Physician Assisted Suicide Bill will be heard tomorrow, Friday, February 3, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. in Room 309 by the House Health and Human Services Committee, Representative Deborah Armstrong, Chair.  This bill allows medical care providers to assist the killing of patients without legal ramifications.

The bill is titled End of Life Options Act:  House Bill 171, Rep. Deborah Armstrong, Albuquerque and Rep. Bill McCamley, Mesilla Park

Following the New Mexico Supreme Court failure to find Physician-Assisted-Suicide unconstitutional, the State Legislature has now taking steps to make the act legal.  House Bill 171 removes all criminal liability for assisting patients in killing themselves.

PLEASE CONTACT the member of the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee (see below) and voice your opposition to HB 171 End of Life Options.  The issue that this bill raises has been addressed by the New Mexicans for Ethical Medical Treatment.  The flyer is attached.

Thank you for your prayers and responsiveness to this critical issue.  Please continue to pray and to act by joining us at the Roundhouse, contact the Representative and praying.

New Mexico Watchman

Assisted Suicide
New Mexicans for Ethical Medical Treatment

  • Assisted suicide decreases the value of human life.
  • It would violate the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath and change the role of the doctor. The AMA opposes assisted suicide for this reason.
  • It would open up many abuses, such as: assisting someone who is not really dying, assisting someone who is in depression, assisting someone who feels their existence is inconvenient to others, and lastly assisting the elderly who can be coerced.
  • It encourages doctors and families to give up on hope of recovery and avoid heroic measures.
  • Undue pressure can be put on the patients and doctors by insurance companies or the government.
  • Doctors would be given too much power and can make the wrong diagnosis.
  • Talking high doses of barbiturates is not a peaceful death
  • Those with disabilities, mental problems, the elderly or those with chronic conditions would be a great risk.
  • There is no requirement for a witness to be available at the time of death.
  • Patients may not know all of the pain management choices.
  • Heirs could gain their inheritances sooner, which might encourage assisted suicide.
    Mexicans for Ethical Medical Treatment.
    Call for more information @ 505-881-4563,

2017 NM Legislature
House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee

Last Name First Name Position Party Room Capital Phone
     Area Code


Email Addr.
Armstrong Deborah Chairman D 312B 986-4840 deborah.armstrong@nmlegis.gov
Thompson Elizabeth Vice Chair D 206A None Listed liz.thomson@nmlegis.gov
Armstrong Gail Member R 203FN 986-4467 gail@gailfornewmexico.com
Chasey Gail Member D  308 986-4411 gail@gailchasey.com
Dow Rebecca Member R  203H 986-4453 rebecca.dow@nmlegis.gov
Ferrary Joanne Member D 203DN 986-4336 joanne.ferrary@nmlegis.gov
Townsend James Member R 203GN 986-4450 townsend@pvtn.net




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