HB 89 Cannabis Revenue & Freedom Act Today, Monday, February 27, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. in Room 317

HB 89 Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act legalizes recreational marijuana in the state of New Mexico.  The bill establish procedures for licensuer of production and retail.  This legislation allows communities to opt-out of production and retail but decriminalizes consumption to anyone age of 21 or over.
Having skated past the Senate, the House version of Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act (McCamley / Martinez, J) is being heard by the House Business and Industry Committee today, Monday, February 27, 2017 in Room 317 at 1:30 p.m. or a half hour after the floor session closes.

Representative Bill McCamley will present a scenario of economic growth and a weaning away of an economy dependent on government and tourism but will allow and economic boost from an illegal intoxicant.

Please contact the member of the House Business & Industrial Committee and urge them to vote NO on HB 89 Cannabis Revenue & Freedom Act.  
New Mexico does not need anther intoxicant in our communities nor the multiple complications that come from enforcement on everything from our highways to our classrooms.
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New Mexico Legislature 2017
House Business & Industry Committee
 Name Position Party Room Extn.* Email Addr.
Chair D 306 4329 debbie.rodella@nmlegis.gov
Patricio Ruiloba Vice Chair D 413F 4433
Alonzo Baldonado Member R 203B 6214
 Yvette Herrell Member R 204B 4210 yherrell@yahoo.com
 Derrick J. Lente Member D 413e 4433 derrick.lente@nmlegis.gov
Tim D. Lewis Member R 2022B 4220 lewisfornm@gmail.com
Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert Member R 205A 4243 jpandp@comcast.net
Carl Trujillo Member D 413D 4236 carl.trujillo@nmlegis.gov
Jim R. Trujillo Member D 316B 4420 jimtrujillo@msn.com
Monica Youngblood Member R 205B 4242 monica@MyNMStateRep.com
Bealquin Bill Gomez Member D 313A 4341 bealquin.gomez@nmlegis.gov

* Dial 1 (505) 986 – plus the Representative’s extension.

Please continue to pray for our legislators and their proposed legislation.
May the Lord bless our efforts.

New Mexico Watchman