Hate Goes Unpunished in Santa Fe

For 153 years, the Solider’s Obelisk stood in Santa Fe’s historic Plaza.  An awkward wooden box now stands in its place.  The Obleisk was torn down in October of 2020 by trained activists.  Santa Fe’s District Attorney Mary Carmack Alatwies call the destruction “a political problem that got forced upon the criminal justice system” 

It was no such thing.  It was a Hate Crime perpetrated on the citizens of Santa Fe and New Mexico.

If politics is the criteria for the wanton destruction of public property, please allow us, then, to tear down Chaco Canyon knowing it is merely a political act thrust upon the judiciary.  One has only to view the video of the tearing down of the Soldier’s Monument on the Santa Fe Plaza to realize this was a premeditated destructive act with a well-orchestrated group of activists and a professional who brought the exact equipment to loop the obelisk and rope enough pull it down.

Victimization is the only rationale needed for any act of destruction.  The well-documented kidnappings, murders rapes, and torture along with the sheep, horse, and livestock theft during the same period as the obelisk’s construction should justify the tearing down of Chaco Canyon.

We are NOT, of course, advocating violence against a Native American artifact.  We are saying that justice has not been served by Santa Fe District Attorney Mary Carmack Alatwies.  Our District Attorney has demonstrated a total disrespect for our history by calling this only a political problem.

It was in fact a Hate Crime and deserving at a minimum incarceration.

New Mexico Watchman

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