Governor Lujan Grisham’s “Belief” in Marijuana

Leadership is tasked with casting a “Vision” for the people.

The “Vision” addresses our higher calling,  our better selves,  a future goal to be strived for and but never obtained.  Good leadership gives us an upward view, a broader vision, something greater of what we can: “never give up” or “love they neighbor.”

Unfortunately, the vision given New Mexico and New Mexicans by our Governor has been only a downward view.  Governor Michele Lujan Grisham signed HB 2, the Cannabis Regulation bill making legal yet another very potent intoxicant.

In signing the bill, Governor Lujan Grisham cast her vision for the state.  She called marijuana “Something to hang on to and believe in.”

To follow the Governor’s lead, New Mexico is called to inebriation as our higher self, a guidepost, our betterment, our “belief.”

Please ask New Mexico’s Governor Michele Lujan Grisham to remember the day marijuana was legalized in the state of New Mexico.

Please ask her to remember the day when New Mexican families are called to take their stoned children out of class, when wrong-way drivers are found on our highways and when, in the future, New Mexicans are called to visit our morgues.

New Mexico can do with better leadership.

New Mexico Watchman

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