Final Report-New Mexico Legislature 2021 Session

April 7, 2021

The New Mexico State Legislature’s 2021 sessions were marked by three circumstances that affected its outcomes:
1.  The inability of the public to access and participate in the legislative process:
the Shut Out
2.  Major campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood and “Big Cannabis,” and
3.  Legislators followed through with what the contributors wanted.

Governor Michele Lujan Grisham had exactly what she needed to keep the recently purchased freshman class of legislators away from the populace and away from public influence.  The January 6, 2021 breach of the nation’s Capitol and the COVID scare allowed her to disallow public access to the state Capitol.  Zoom meetings did the rest.

The Democrat-controlled legilators hid behind the New Mexico State Police stationed both inside and outside the Capitol, they hid behind a six-foot-high chain-link fence surrounding the entire Roundhouse building, they hid behind the Plexiglas surrounding their desks, and they wore facemasks hiding their faces.

The chain-link fence surrounding the Roundhouse went up the day after the events in Washington.  It remained in place despite pleading by Republicans to bring it down.  The cost of the fence to New Mexico taxpayers was $700,000.  The cost of the extra security is unknown.  The rumor that the Capitol would be assaulted ended up costing New Mexicans at least a million dollars and nothing happened.  Another $236,000 was spent to bring legislators back for the two-day special session during Holy Week.

Most frustrating was the tightly controlled Zoom meetings.  There was a link on the legislative webpage that was supposed to give instructions on how to participate in committee meetings.  The link went nowhere.  Anyone with a sincere concern about abortion, assisted suicide or marijuana was mostly without a voice.

The November 2020 primary election was slated to purging the moderate democrats from the chambers.  It worked.

According to the New Mexico Secretary of States website, Planned Parenthood alone invested $795,093.32 in campaigns.  The top four New Mexico marijuana growers, Ultra Health, PurLife, R. Greenleaf Organics, and Verdes Foundation contributed $88,250.00 to New Mexico campaigns.  It is estimated that total amounts from local and outside sourses exceeded $300,00.

Once in office, there was not stopping the progressive agenda.  The most egregious was the arrogance displayed by Senator Linda Lopez whose Abortion Bill was defeated two years ago and not presented last year.  Her bill eliminated a 1969 abortion law.  As a result, there are no restrictions on abortions in the state of New Mexico.  Any physician’s assistant can perform an abortion without any legal ramifications.

Republicans Senators Dr. Gregg Schmedes and Crystal Diamond pleaded with Senator Lopez to consider an amendment that would include at least a “conscience clause,” protecting those with deeply held beliefs against prosecution for not participating in abortions.

Senator Lopez arrogantly and dismissively responded to every plea with the “I respectfully decline to comment.”  Senator Lopez had been embarrassed by the bill’s defeat in 2019 and she wasn’t going to engage in a respectful debate with anyone in opposition to the bill.  In lieu of a discussion on the issue which decency would dictate, the pathetic response was repeated infinitum.  Planned Parenthood’s campaign money was heard in the New Mexico Senate.

The legacy of the 2021 New Mexico State Legislature has been death, death and more death.  New Mexico has been given Death,

  1. Death in the womb with the repeal of the abortion bill,
  2. Death for the aged as the result of the assisted suicide bill’s passage, and
  3. Death of the minds and bodies of New Mexicans with alcohol made a easier to acquire and marijuana legalized.

God help the State of New Mexico.

New Mexico Watchman

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