Ethanasia Bill to be Heard Tomorrow, Friday, February 17 at 1:30 p.m.

HB 171 End of Life Options will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow, Friday, February 17, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. in Room 309.

HB 171 End of Life Options, a death bill allows any health care provider with a prescription credential to make available a lethal dose of drugs to a patient who is thought to be dying.  The bill will be heard by the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow, Friday, February 17 in Room 309.

The New Mexicans for Ethical Medical Treatment has made available the following information regarding this bill.  Please review and contact the committee members listed below with your concerns.

New Mexicans for Ethical Medical Treatment

Opposition to Assisted Suicide

  • Assisted suicide decreases the value of human life.
  • It would violate the doctor’s Hippocratic Oath and change the role of the doctor. The AMA opposes assisted suicide for this reason.
  • It would open up many abuses, such as: assisting someone who is not really dying, assisting someone who is in depression, assisting someone who feels their existence is inconvenient to others, and lastly assisting the elderly who can be coerced.
  • It encourages doctors and families to give up on hope of recovery and avoid heroic measures.
  • Undue pressure can be put on the patients and doctors by insurance companies or the government.
  • Doctors would be given too much power and can make the wrong diagnosis.
  • Talking high doses of barbiturates is not a peaceful death
  • Those with disabilities, mental problems, the elderly or those with chronic conditions would be a great risk.
  • There is no requirement for a witness to be available at the time of death.
  • Patients may not know all of the pain management choices.
  • Heirs could gain their inheritances sooner, which might encourage assisted suicide.

      New Mexicans for Ethical Medical Treatment. Call for more information @ 505-881-4563, WWW.NMEMT.ORG

Please contact members of the committee by email, phone, letter or in-person and express your opposition to HB 171.  Urge them to vote NO on HB 171 End of Life Options.

(See a list of Judiciary Committee members to contact below.)


2017 NM Legislature
House Judiciary Committee

Last Name First Name Position Party Room Extn. Email Addr.
Chasey Gail Chair D 308 4411
Martinez Javier Vice Chair D 413C 4436
Alcon Eliseo Lee Member D 314B 4425
Brown Cathrynn N. Member R 204B 4210
Cook Zachary J. Member R 205A 4233
Dines Jim Member R 205B 4242
Egolf Brian Member D 104 4782
Ely Daymon Member D 203DN 4336
Gentry Nate Member R 125 4757
Louis Georgene Member D 312A 4327
McQueen Matthew Member D 316A 4421
Nibert Greg Member R 203E 4211
Rehm William “Bill” Member R 201B 4214

To dial the legislator’s phone, use 986- plus the extension.

Thank your prayers, concern and involvement.

New Mexico Watchman


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