Encouraged, Discouraged and Continuing to Fight

Despite the score board that would show two very important bills being defeated in Sunday’s Public Affairs Committee hearing, Ending Late Term Abortion and Parental Notification of Abortion, the good news is that a rousing church service was held at the Roundhouse, with a number of people staying for the committee hearing that followed.

The church service in the Capitol Rotunda received national publicity.  The story was picked up by Charisma Magazine.  (See  http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/63470-is-this-historic-worship-gathering-part-of-james-goll-s-prophesied-west-coast-rumble).  The service was an affirmation that “We the People, under God,” are the government.

Despite the bills being tabled, Rep. Rod Montoya assured everyone that forward progress on life legislation was not over this session.  Rep. Montoya plans to introduce a House Memorial to continue the discussion.

A major incident occurred when Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero claimed her Catholic faith and voted against the life bills.  “My vote can not be questioned,” she said, “I was raised Catholic by the Sisters of Loretto.”  The comment drew a response from New Mexico’s Archbishop John Wester.  (See http://www.lifenews.com/2017/03/07/archbishop-on-lawmaker-who-voted-against-ban-on-late-term-abortions-cant-be-catholic-and-pro-abortion/).  You simply can not be Catholic and pro-abortion.

Please continue to pray for our Legislature and its members.  May the Lord intervene in a miraculous way in these final days.