Close of the Session: A Big Budget and Egolf’s Resignation

The New Mexico State Legislature’s 2022 session closed today at noon with a filibuster ending in the Senate and the Speaker of the House announcing his retirement in House.

The session will be remembered for a 14% spending increase for a budge ot $8.5 billion made available through oil and gas revenues and the unfortunate arrest of Rep. Georgene Louis here in Santa Fe

The Senate budget was approved early this morning and has been sent to the House for concurrence.  The budget includes:
1) a repeal of the State Tax on Social Security tax on Social for middle class tax payers
2) tax rebates in the amount of $250
3) a gross receipts tax cut of a quarter cent
4) teacher starting salary increases with a starting pay of $50K
5) a drop in PayDay loans from 175% to 36%

Major construction projects were approved for such things as improvement at the State Fair in Albuquerque, the Veterans Home in T or C and the reconstruction of the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater on the Indian School campus here in Santa Fe.

The House side approved monies Police retention and recruitment and stiffer penalties for violent offenders and free college tuition for New Mexico Universities.

Despite desperate moves both the block and save SB8, now title the Voter Fraud Bill, it failed to pass.  Senator Bill Sharer filibustered the session to a finish disallowed the bill’s consideration.  
New Mexico Watchman

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