City Council Proposes Euthanasia in New Mexico

A resolution to endorse Medical Assistance in Dying is being proposed by Santa Fe City Council Woman Carol Romero-Wirth.  Mrs. Romero-Wirth is asking the City Council to endorse allowing physicians to prescribe lethal doses of medication to those deemed terminally ill. 

The Medical Assistance in Dying legislation (formerly titled Physician Assisted Suicide, Death with Dignity and End of Life Option) has been addressed by the New Mexico State Legislature and will again in the January 2019 session.  The Santa Fe City Council resolution endorses and encourages passage of the state legislation.

Public comment will not be taken on the issue this evening, Monday, July 16, 2018, but may be open during next week’s City Council session.  We encourage all Santa Feans to contact their Councilors and encourage them to vote “No” on Medical Assistance in Dying.

Alan Webber
(505) 955-6590

                                                                     SANTA FE CITY COUNCILORS

Renee Villarreal
District 1 Councilor
(505) 955-2345

Signe I. Lindell
District 1 Councilor
(505) 955-6812

Peter Ives
District 2 Councilor
(505) 955-6816

Carol Romero-Wirth
District 2 Councilor
(505) 955-6815

Chris Rivera
District 3 Councilor
(505) 955-6818

Roman “Tiger” Abeyta
District 3 Councilor
(505) 955-6814

Michael Harris
District 4 Councilor
(505) 955-6817

JoAnne Vigil Coppler
District 4 Councilor
(505) 955-6811

Carol Romero-Wirth
District 2 Councilor
(505) 955-6815

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