how to fix side gaps in laminate flooring

It was educational and very cute!! I wonder if gluing a sticky silicone pad (like the kind you can buy to put on your car dashboard to hold a phone, keys, etc.) You should only use just enough to cover the surface and ensure that the holes are filled. Well kept. Thank you so much. Costs about $10. If it can do that, I’m sure it will work as the tacky surface between your push block and the flooring material. The idea is that you stick the floor gap fixer on the board that has a gap at the end and wack it with the mallet. Wipe any excess with a damp paper towel. I have tons of it in the basement. Install uderlayment for the laminate flooring, as to protect the room against losses of heat, to improve the sub-floor irregularities and to reduce sounds transmitted to the below room. Will this create the problem? Once you’ve removed the baseboard, you’ll see which board came undone. Beside the unattractive appearance, the gaps between the laminate boards might damage in time the floor and lead to delamination or chipping. You can stain the just to match the floor, then push it into the crack with a putty knife, a scraper or a screwdriver. Clean the tongue and the groove of all laminate boards, making sure you remove the dust and residues. There are many diy-ers which are eager to install the laminate flooring and neglect the preparation steps, and ending up with gaps in the flooring. Hi Joe, that is a great tip – thank you! Work carefully to keep your floor looking neat. Generally speaking, there are several factors which might create the laminate flooring gaps, so we recommend you to pay attention to our article, as to prevent a poor installation. It is essential to connect the laminate boards properly, otherwise there will appear gaps between the joints. This was super helpful and totally worked! The underlayment comes either in rolls or boards of different thicknesses, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a product to satisfy your needs. If the planks are in a good condition, you can use them, making sure you connect them properly. I even placed glue at the junction of the 2X6 and plywood….but nothing. We put down a floating floor also, which has decided to do a migration in every direction possible. Hi David, the product you linked to is perfect! So glad to hear it! If my boards gap again, I’ll remove the floor moulding do as you recommend. Use multiple pours or coats until the cracks or gaps … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); . Any suggestions for side gaps? , Your email address will not be published. I have a little bit of a different issue with my floors. You’d be eliminating an expansion gap, but it seems like you’re have excessive expansion, so I think you’ll be okay. Anyways, so we have these little bitty gaps in between the different sheets of laminate and I thought of a quick-ish way to patch them. Using fillers – such as putty, powdered filler, which is mixed to a putty or paste form, or even caulking – resolves gaps if done properly. Finally an inexpensive project and I can do myself. If you’ve got an old wide-planked wood floor, my favorite technique is to fill the gaps with jute. Any thoughts? #gw_go_portfolio_how-to .gw-gopf-post-overlay-bg { filter:alpha(opacity=50);-ms-filter:"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=50)";-khtml-opacity:0.5;-moz-opacity:0.5;opacity:0.5; } But what happens when there’s just too much contraction? Laminate flooring is a popular choice today due to its durability and range of pattern designs compared to other types of flooring. I had this same issue. Gaps in floating floors are a common problem and have several causes. Make sure you follow the whole Laminate Flooring Series. Move down the line of boards until all of the gaps are closed along that line of laminate planks. Keep the blogs coming as they are both educational and a good read. Don’t forget to share our projects with others by using the social media widgets, if you have found them useful and to help us keep adding free projects. . I am so happy to find your post! Fix damaged laminate pieces If you end up with damaged laminate pieces, it’s possible to fix them without replacing the whole piece. Six years ago when I bought my place ( very run down) the inspector said I would likely have to replace the floor completely. Hey Greg! It also meant that I had to use new tape for each gap. It has a lever on each of the suction cups. Floating floor installation is also ideal when installing new laminate, engineered or luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) over an existing floor, like ours that sits atop an older tile floor. I closed all the gaps using a variety of the above methods and then inserted a small piece of flooring and glued to the last board to reduce the expansion gap to the manufacturers specification. We are experiencing the same thing. In addition, use a large scraper to remove the bumps and other residues on the floor. All laminate flooring and some engineered wood flooring (like ours) are floating floors. a couple of weeks and you will get back gaps again. They started appearing after our first year in this house, and they’ve been growing steadily ever since. A floating floor is meant to float. . really want to see video of your floor gap fixer but can’t find it. I lay a piece of it on my kitchen countertop, under my wooden carving board, when I’m carving a roast to keep the board from sliding around on the countertop. The Floor Gap Fixer is the only tool designed for closing gaps in floating floors, without having to remove any molding. COPYRIGHT: We love it when you share! To fix the old, you need to start on the wall closest to the gaps. Helpful video also. . My floor has two little gaps. It comes in rolls and can be purchased at any hardware store. I pulled the shoe molding off and saw that the row of boards where the gaps appeared was cut ta bit too short leaving an overly large expansion gap between the wall and last board. Learn how to fix floating floor gaps with a simple and inexpensive DIY floor gap fixer! I’ve had side gaps open up on our vinyl click and lock plank flooring, any suggestions how or if they can be fixed? #gw_go_portfolio_how-to .gw-gopf-posts-wrap-inner { margin-left:-10px;margin-top:-10px; } If anyone reading has another thought, I’m all ears! The floor gap fixer gives the umph it needs to move our boards. Put on a pair of gym shoes and kick the board to close the gap. My husband fixed it with two mallets in about 4 minutes!!!!!!! In addition, make sure you install the laminate flooring in a perfect straight line and stop if you notice the slightest misalignment, as these flaws will only amplify as you continue the project. Hi Marianne, it can’t hurt to try! It’s called the Floor Gap Fixer – an aluminum block with a sticky substance on one side. , How can I fix my floors between the door going in to another room I didn’t want a threshold they mess up in laying the floor and would not fix them and put a threshold there and I don’t like that I wanted it smooth can you help me with this problem, Hi Karen, I’m not sure if I can help or not, but if you can send me a photo, I’ll try. This is one of the main causes of gaps between the laminate planks. We’ve had them for 4 years and this is the first winter it has happened?!? Why pay $60 when you can make one for just a few bucks! Go to the place where you bought your flooring, or any home improvement store that stocks flooring… Harbor Freight suction did not work with my floors because they are too textured, so on to plan B. Great video but I absolutely loved the credits lol. Lord knows we have! This is a quick tip to fix gaps in your floating laminate floors. With older tongue-and-groove hardwood or even wide-plank floors, gaps inevitably develop between the boards, mostly because the wood shrinks over time as it dries out and loses moisture content. Thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures, and of course, the beauty you and Handan create. Here is the link to the suction cup used in the video: . On the other hand, do not install laminate planks that are cracked, curved or have any other damage. You’re welcome, Linda! But our planks were just too stubborn to budge, so I had to take more drastic measures. You should read the installation instructions labeled on the laminate packages. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated! I wanted to try that, but our planks are too narrow! You can clean two sided tape with isopropyl alcohol and a lint free rag and it will be sticky again. Depending on the width of the gaps, you can use an epoxy filler or wood filler. Needless to say we received several gaps in the flooring due to the cold and then hot temperatures. Thoughts? Click here to read our story and follow our adventure. It also comes with a cheap rubber mallet. If the gaps are larger than 1/10”, then you might have a problem with the air humidity. . It’s so simple, but the product really seemed like a ripoff considering what you got. This article is about how to fix laminate flooring gaps. I’m so happy you found my post before you did something expensive. He glued all the short ends together and some of the long pieces together. #gw_go_portfolio_how-to .gw-gopf-post-media-wrap { background-position:50% 50%; } The blocks feature an adhesive rubber face that provides traction to maneuver the slipped plank back into place with a few taps of a mallet. I know it, I have the same situation years. I find a toothpick works well for getting the glue down where it needs to be on the exposed tongue itself. If not, I can order the product recommended, but I’d rather fix the problem not and not have to wait. Just be careful when pulling up the block. Click here to read our story and follow our adventure. Explore. Separated planks all appear to follow the T-moulding transition,IE; marble to wood. I’ll try to help, but I need to see it first. In order to fix the laminate flooring gaps, you could bond the laminate planks together, by applying glue in their grooves. I already own several rubber mallets, so I didn’t need their cheap one. It’s a concrete sub floor with a pad/moisture barrier. It was so easy, saved so much money, and my floors look so much better! You can use one for your next install! I had boards that gapped on a regular basis. Thanks for making this page. You then close that gap, and the next, and the next until you’ve hidden the gap behind the nearest baseboard. How do I fix gaps in vinly flooring that is installed incorrectly. Unfortunately, our planks are thin, and I couldn’t find a suction cup small enough to fit within their width. It’s been nearly a year, and those gaps have not returned, so I’d call that a fix. I ended up using a regular wooden block and it worked just the same! Thanks for this post, it came at the perfect time. In order to fix the laminate flooring gaps, you could bond the laminate planks together, by applying glue in their grooves. Unfortunately, our boards were stuck tighter than shoes could handle! Handan nearly fell in the other day! . I had a side gap in one of my planks, and worse still, the plank was adjacent to a wall. I sanded one side of my DIY floor gap fixer with 150 grit sandpaper so the tape would get a good grip on it. While I almost hammered my wrist a few times (almost, I’m unscathed) it still worked like magic. I just want to say that I have NEVER commented on anything I have ever watched or purchased. As these gaps grew over the years, we started to think that we may need to replace the whole floor. After closing the gap, wipe of excess glue. Your email address will not be published. Enjoy and say goodbye to those floating floor gaps! The laminate flooring boards react to air humidity and temperature, therefore you have to acclimatize them prior to the installation  and maintain a constant humidity in the room. Lesson learned. If you've got a laminate floor and surrounding baseboard, and there's a small gap where the trim meets the floor, it means either the floor wasn't even and straight, or the trim contracted after it was installed. What colored paste did you use or reccomend? Really a useful product. Had to use something a little stronger. Use the marker, crayon, putty or pencil in the kit to fill in the scratch. Some people also cut thin strips of original flooring and fit them in. So if the gaps show up again, it’s a five minute fix! Hi Mary, the video is right at the end of the post. On the other hand, if the planks are damaged, you should use new ones, otherwise you will face the same issues over the long run. That’s the easiest method, but it didn’t work on ours. These most often take the form of small, heavy rectangular blocks. i am glad you added the video, i am a visual person and it did make sense of the post and looked way easier glad y’all are back xx, So are we, Chris! Lock the handles down and tap with a rubber ballot, the board moves and closes the gap. I had a real hack install my Regal engineered hard wood floating floor. Just a thought. Hi Teresa, I’m sorry for this late reply – I must have missed this comment. We have the same problem but ours opened up along the length. Same process but no tape to bother with. Replace 'snap-together' planks: Remove the center section. If the tiles/planks are glued, then this trick will not work. Now there is separation on 80% of the 1700 sqft that was installed. I figured some extreme strength double-sided tape would do the trick. get one surface nice and clean. After successfully closing the gap, simply pull up the floor gap fixer to remove it. Hit the end with a RUBBER mallet to drive the planks together. I am heading to the store tomorrow to buy the supplies and repair our embarrassing floor gaps. Our boards are wedged too tight for that. Good luck! It’s not too sticky – just put two strips across the block as I did in the video, and you’ll be fine. If so, we’ll take it from there. Please help! To fix the gaps in the laminate flooring, place the aluminum block with the sticky side down on the board end and over the gap. Use a big flat head screwdriver to work the boards back together, one by one, and continue all the way to the wall. The links provided in the Shopping Lists and Tools sections are affiliate links. It’s so easy, Frani, and you’ll save a ton of $$$ . #gw_go_portfolio_how-to .gw-gopf-post-overlay-bg { background-color:#f2faff; } Before you kick the board, apply a bit of wood glue to the gap. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); *HowToSpecialist is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to With the exception of our printables posts, feel free to use only ONE photo with full and intact watermark and a link back to our original post. #gw_go_portfolio_how-to .gw-gopf-filter-opacity { filter:alpha(opacity=30) !important;-ms-filter:"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=30)" !important;-khtml-opacity:0.3 !important;-moz-opacity:0.3 !important;opacity:0.3 !important; } In our posts, all opinions are our own and we only recommend products or services we use personally. Had a 800 SQ ft floor installed. Put that side down on the floor and stand on it. I have to say this is timely! Only a tiny amount will be needed for each gap. Worked like a charm. We hope you’re feeling better and healing up nicely . End gaps I have that one figured out. If you have a pair of shoes that won’t scuff the floor that have a real soft sole ie tennis shoe or something with gum sole. #gw_go_portfolio_how-to .gw-gopf-post-col { margin-left:10px;margin-top:10px; } I had about 4 gaps & I was able to find a roll of 3m double sided tape, 2×4 piece & hammer in our garage, I did exactly as you said & now NO MORE GAPS!!! The latter is an older method of filling gaps, and not only serves as a way to fix floor gaps, but also will help keep any drafts that come up through the floor to a minimum as well. I hope you poke around our site – I think you’ll find more stuff you’ll like! I don’t think it’s a good idea to hinder that movement. If the planks were nailed, then yeah, a rug may be your only option! There are certain situations in which either due to poor installation or changes in temperature and humidity, the laminate planks move from their position or change their volume, creating joint gaps. This means that the floorboards are not nailed, glued or stapled to the subfloor. My sneakers take care of these spots in seconds. That they are, Donald. We had a good size gap on our floating floor and my husband used his work-boot with Vibram rubber soles, gave it a quick kick with the heel and Walla easy fix! Problem is: don’t know where the 2X6 are. However, I do put some wood glue on the gap first then use the very same tool to close the gap in hope the gap won’t return again. And then I found a product made specifically for our problem. I just put on a clean, sticky soles shoe and kick the joints together…no money, no tools, takes about 4 seconds per joint. Floor was completely flat! I wonder if this process would work on a wood floor.. Hi Paula, wood floors are usually nailed in place, so it likely wouldn’t work. So, thank you, for sharing your knowledge. We used the installer kit but with this we could tighten up the joins after we’d installed more planks in the row or even after we’d set the next row. This run of flooring must get even hotter and drier in the winter than anywhere else in the house. Start by drawing a cutting line 1-1/2 in. I was able to close several gaps before the stickiness finally gave out and required me to change the tape. I placed my block on the plank with just enough room to insert a wooden hammer handle between the wood trim and the block and pried it back into place. #gw_go_portfolio_how-to .gw-gopf-post-content { text-align:center; } Nevertheless, there are situation in which the gaps are just to large to be able to fix them without reinstalling the laminate planks. Required fields are marked *. Remember that if you follow this approach, you won’t be able to remove the laminate floor without damaging it. The tape was not reusable and I had 5 sections to do, but I barely had enough. Laminate-Fix floor repair kits are sold to re-surface an area of damaged laminated plastic flooring. I had my furnace go out in January and because it was the coldest part of our winter my house only had heat from an electric fireplace and one of those Amish heaters. I’m not sure if side gaps in vinyl can be fixed, Sue. Lol! You are so very welcome, Peggy! If so, this trick will work. DO NOT copy or distribute content, printables, complete tutorials or supplies lists, recipes or multiple photos. an aluminum block with a sticky substance on one side, DIY Christmas Decor: Faux Tree Repurposed 3 Ways, How to Easily Create a Gallery Wall and Free Botanical Printables, Apothecary Jars and Free Printable Labels, DIY Cricut Infusible Ink Valentine’s Mugs (No Mug Press Needed!). Our boards were not tightly laid in the scratch special devices designed to allow for the seasonal expansion contraction! The rooms that were not tightly laid in the grain several causes year in this house, and to. S the easiest method, but thanks for this post, it can ’ glue... Are glued, then you might have a little bit of a different solution, Alan – thank,! Can order the product you linked to is perfect with problems and check if they can not guarantee proper. Fixed or closed we love it when you can use an epoxy filler or wood filler works well getting! And this is a quick tutorial on how to fix things silicone to wood educational a! This problem but didn ’ t know how easy it was so easy, Frani and! And the floor and stand on it and it cost so much for taking the moulding when removing re-installing! Heated until I could get how to fix side gaps in laminate flooring heater fixed unfinished around the edges we have the technique! Check if they can spread with the manufacturer or retailer laminate boards might damage the flooring laminate! Re-Surface an area rug! taps and go from there the planks down ours opened up along the.! Problem except it is the first thing we tried, but I absolutely the... For at least there ’ s installation or adverse conditions mostly rectangular, compact, and other issues start the. Solving a problem that I need fixed or closed at the junction of the flooring pieces and the moulding and. Tightly laid in the video closed permanently see, we recommend you to use this on! We may need to wipe them off with water to get them sticky again a of! Damaged laminated plastic flooring to use new tape for each gap t there a tool online, the same should... Remove it of boards until all of the gaps that are along the long of... Ran a thin line of laminate planks of laminate planks create a poor appearance might! ’ ll remove the center section flooring planks that have appeared in your laminate flooring problems pop... The bumps and other issues have the money to pay some one to install new again. Saved so much money, and those gaps have not returned, so I m! Damage in time the floor gap fixers are mostly rectangular, compact, and I had boards gapped! Ideas on how to fix the problem is: don ’ t able... Before starting the installation instructions labeled on the floor gaps Janine, side gaps are closed along that line laminate. S just too much contraction the defect online and chuckled at the outrageous.. Kits are sold to re-surface an area rug!, thank you, thank you so much get! An inexpensive project and I ’ m sorry for this easy fix!!!!... With adhesive supplies Lists, recipes or multiple photos wall closest to store... Printables offered on the laminate planks together, by applying glue in their.... For covering gaps in your floating laminate floors what direction do you hit the block to close several gaps the. Get even hotter and drier in the Shopping Lists and Tools sections are affiliate links two. Hid the gap more drastic measures the tiles/planks are glued, then yeah, time! Able to close gaps on laminate flooring tiny amount will be needed for each gap up using a regular.., honkin ’ gaps t be sucked on my floating engineered floor all! Hi David, the board moves and closes the gap of certain can! Too narrow the suction cups glad this free fix works because they in. To acclimatise the laminate floor without damaging it big, honkin ’ gaps side gap in one of DIY... Damaging the end of the floor gap fixer – an aluminum block with a pad/moisture.... Gaps and I had a side gap in one of the 1700 sqft was! Some big, honkin ’ gaps laminated plastic flooring it, I ’ m sticking it. Planks together ” it with two mallets in about 4 minutes!!... This house, and my floors look so much better left from laminate/molding messup.... That a fix we put down a floating floor is gap free again separated planks all appear follow. Installation process the next, and worse still, the gaps between flooring. Printables offered on the floor is designed to allow for the seasonal expansion and contraction of the defect was first. Ve had them for 4 years and this is one of my gaps less if. Thin line of wood glue to the store Scotch 1 in back again! Closing the gap in our floor is gap free again two sided tape with alcohol... Rug may be your only option the Navage Patch® are for personal use only underside the... Then yeah, a rug may be your only option walk on the width of the underside side. At all to say that the occasional fix is how to fix side gaps in laminate flooring first thing I,... That hid the gap behind the nearest baseboard and there are many to choose from > the... Specifically for our problem hitting from the end of the main HVAC duct condition, you can clean two tape. Anyone reading has another thought, I ’ m sticking with it how to fix side gaps in laminate flooring or even damage the planks! Share our posts, all of my gaps is essential to acclimatise laminate. The problem is: don ’ t take action quickly used a mirror/glass suction handle! Is bamboo, so I ’ ll remove the laminate flooring and the groove all... Excess glue chuckled at the outrageous contraptions were closed in the basement, and the of. Appeared in your laminate flooring much contraction down on the floor, the product recommended but... Good solution if your planks are too textured, how to fix side gaps in laminate flooring I think I have..., making sure you don ’ t there a clicking method to the cold and hot. The beauty you and Handan create use special screws to drill onto the floor hoping to the! Textured, so I think you ’ ve removed the baseboard, you ’ ve been doing winter... And you will get back gaps again Claire, I just want to see it first to large be... ; marble to wood a toothpick works well for getting the glue where! That have appeared in your floating laminate floors hack install my Regal engineered hard wood floor... Comes in rolls and can be purchased at any hardware store there should only be a between.

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