Today is day 30 of a 60-day of the 2021 New Mexico Legislative session. 

New Mexico is experiencing a major tragedy right now.   The Democrat Party occupies 2/3 of both chambers.  The Roundhouse surrounded by a 6-foot chain link constructed after the November 6th riots in Washington DC.  Only Legislators, the Governor and administrative staff are allowed in the building. 

All meetings are conducted via Zoom.  Public input is starkly restricted.  Meetings are virtual.  It is hard to get on the Zoom venue.  The PDF on the legislative website with instructions on how to participate does not open.  The Republicans sued to have legislators in the building at least and not “working from home.”  The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against them.  The Senator and a few of the Representatives are in the building.

Planned Parenthood has spent $341,000 in the state to remove laws prohibiting abortion in the state.   I’m sure Big Tabacco and Big Alchohol have done the same for marijuana. 

Please pray for the Governor, legislators and the legislative process.